Saturday, January 14, 2006

The "Religion of Peace" Claims More Lives

This photograph from the New York Times shows a young Muslim looking at the MORGUE photo of his mother that was trampled to death at the Hajj Stoning in Mecca. WTF? What kind of sadist would take this small boy to look at pictures of his disfigured mother?

On Thursday, 363 Muslims were crushed to death at the annual Hajj stoning. Over 60,000 security forces were on hand to control the crowd of over two million. Muslims believe that anyone that dies in the crowd is assured a place in Heaven.

On to the explanation of what they are doing in Mecca. Every able bodied Muslim is required to make this pilgrimage once in their lifetime. At the Holy Site, they collect stones and hurl them at three pillars that represent the Devil. Can't see that anyone would get hurt with this going on. It's almost like how they act when confronted by Israeli police.

Anyway, why this is shocking is beyond my comprehension. Seven of the past seventeen years have had these deadly incidents. In 1990, over 1400 people were killed. In 2004, over 240 died. Plus, this year an additional 76 were killed when the hotel they were staying in collapsed.

In contrast, almost three million people attended the burial of Pope John Paul and the only injuries were exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke. Those wacky Catholics.

This Religion of Peace thing is getting out of hand.

UPDATE: I certainly appreciate all the hate mail on this particular topic. If you are a Splodeydope that still insists that Islam is the "Religion of Peace", please offer concrete evidence of all the wonderful things that members of your religion are accomplishing in this world. Just because someone has developed a word that supposedly means "peace", that doesn't mean that these folks are peaceful. Oh, and dig your head outta your ass.