Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blackuary Eighteen - Those Southern Racists

On this day in 1865, those Southerners in Delaware failed to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment and voted to maintain slavery. The states that actually did serve to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment are as follows in order of ratification (South or Slave State in BOLD): (February 1865) Illinois, Rhode Island, Michigan, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Missouri, Maine, Kansas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Nevada, Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, (March 1865) Vermont, (April 1865) Tennessee, Arkansas, (May 1865) Connecticut, (July 1865) New Hampshire, (November 1865) South Carolina, (December 1865) Alabama, Georgia. That completed ratification. Afterwards, these states ratified: (December 1865) Oregon, California, Florida, (January 1866) Iowa, New Jersey, (February 1870) Texas, (February 1901) Delaware, (March 1976) Kentucky, and finally Mississippi ratified this Amendment in March of 1995!

You know, us Mississippians just don't get in a hurry to do much of anything.

In another odd twist, there still stands a proposed Amendment before the Congress called the Corwin Amendment by Republican Representative Thomas Corwin of Ohio that would allow slavery. Don't get your panties bunched up, this Amendment was proposed in 1861. It was also proposed by Republican Senator William Seward of New York. Seward went on to become President Lincoln's Secretary of State.

And now, you know that truth.