Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blackuary Twelve - "Colored" Folks Form a Group

On this day in 1909, the NAACP is formed to help bring the plight of the "Colored" person to the attention of the masses. For the sake of comprehension, the word "colored" actually means "Black" or in politically correct lingo, "African-American".

The NAACP is the oldest known civil rights group in the United States. Its name is one of the few surviving references to "Colored People" and that term is generally described as derogatory these days. Whites are allowed to join this group, but recently the board passed a resolution that disallows Whites from serving on the board until there is greater Black representation in Congress. You see, white is NOT a color.

Begun in 1905, by a group led by W.E.B. DuBois, the Niagara Movement decided to form a National Movement slated to convene on February 12, 1909, to coincide with the 100th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, a REPUBLICAN. While the meeting didn't occur on that date, it wasn't until May, the date still stands as the date of founding.

The NAACP's mission statement at the time was: To promote equality of rights and to eradicate caste or race prejudice among the citizens of the United States; to advance the interest of colored citizens; to secure for them impartial suffrage; and to increase their opportunities for securing justice in the courts, education for the children, employment according to their ability and complete equality before law.

Even though the original board was predominantly White and heavily Jewish, today's board rules completely outlaw those very same people that led the original movement. And since the beginning of the 1990's, the NAACP has become more and more a blatantly racist group. For the sake of brevity, 1993 found Benjamin Chavis as Executive Secretary over Jesse Jackson. Chavis promptly stole a bunch of money and resigned. Then Myrlie Evers-Williams, the widow of Medgar Evers, defeated William Gibson, and finally Kweisi Mfume was selected.

When Mfume got a look at what was happening, he made drastic changes to bring about the financial viability of the Organization again. He actually had to cut staff from 250 down to 50 just to get the ducks back in a row. And was he lauded as the Savior of the group? Why Hell no, Chairman Julian Bond, race-baiter par-excellence, kicked our hero Kweisi to the curb.

With Julian Bond at the helm, the NAACP has abandoned all of the poor and down-trodden Black folks and their needs. The only folks that do benefit from association with the group these days are the friends of Bond. To further exacerbate the problems with the NAACP since Mfume's departure, tax-exempt status is in jeopardy following Bond's endorsement of the Democrat Party platform.

Having read the entire list of the causes that the NAACP has been instrumental in championing, I can honestly say that the only thing that they have accomplished since 1974 (MILLIKEN v. BRADLEY, Detroit desegregation case) is that they have convinced a whole bunch of Black folks to vote for Democrats. I challenge you to find anything else.

Hopefully, if we, as a country, all races included, determine that discrimination is wrong, there will be no need for the NAACP to continue to extort money from people to funnel to the Democrat Party anymore. This could be the first step toward a truly colorblind society.

Remember, racism is a worldwide problem, it doesn't just occur in our country. As a matter of fact, it is less prominent here than anywhere else on Earth.

Oh, and Ray Manzarek was born on this day in 1939. And also, this day is known as Freedom to Marry Day, to promote same-sex marriages.