Thursday, February 02, 2006

Get the Gats Out, Biatches!

This article was written last Blackuary and I'm dusting it off for this year. Enjoy more racist crap from our archives.

For the past forty-one years, I have been consistently attacking the rationale behind the current wave of leaders in the Black community and today shall be no different. Politically correct thought is poisoning our culture throughout the land at all times now. Animal rights, gun control, racial reparations, pro-terrorists sentiments, etal, ad hominem, blah, blah, blah.

Dammit, shut up already, you know that your points are stupid. Just come out and say what you want. You want SOCIALISM. You want to kill any person or idea that might make someone FEEL uncomfortable and the whole time spew the lines that YOUR hate speech is protected by the First Amendment. All speech is protected, no matter how offensive it might be.

Okay, I got a little off topic, so here it is. Gun control kills people in poverty. The people who need guns the most are the people who are unfortunate enough to live in our lower income housing projects and inner cities. The people that advocate any type of gun control want to kill these people.

Does it make sense at all that a single mother who lives in a housing project would NOT carry a gun? Doesn't that seem like she would simply be painting a target on her back? Please, you gotta know this, if we make it a crime to have guns in the government subsidized housing complexes, we might as well just line those people up that live there and shoot them.

Every time control laws are passed, violent crime increases. PERIOD, GAME OVER. The funny thing is that the people that are pushing for these laws know exactly what they are doing. They simply must increase dependence on the government for the people that will continuously vote for them. Hence, socialism.

If you want to have your opportunities limited to the opportunities of the weakest link in the chain, go somewhere that has a socialistic government. Oh, wait, you don't want to live there because everyone is poor? Dammit, that is what socialism does. Dig your head out of your ass, Shirley. Your ideas for a Utopian society have huge, gaping, pus-filled flaws. Oh, but don't let anything like HISTORY get in your way when advocating stupidity.

Anyway, only idiots think that gun control is a good idea. And if you are Black, Hispanic, Catholic, Irish, or some other minority, if YOU think that gun control is a good idea, you are suicidal.

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