Friday, February 24, 2006

While We Are Talking About Colons

As an avid history buff, every day I check "This Day in History" links on the web and found the other day, February 12, is actually Freedom to Marry Day in the United States. This got me to thinking about all the same sex couples that want the right to wed their significant other. It also got me to thinking that if I were Superman, I would not always use my super powers for good and today is definitely no exception. So now I will hand to homosexuals their rightful argument that will allow them to do as they see fit. Keep in mind that I am a Catholic (and heterosexual) and this goes completely contrary to my upbringing and beliefs, but the good thing about being a Catholic is that all you have to do is go to confession and do the assigned praying and you are absolved of your sins. And now I dive into the cesspool of homo-love.

"I cannot do anything about my gender preference, I was born this way" is the argument brought up in the gay community to explain their sexual desires. This is honestly the dumbest route to the waterhole that you folks can take. Furthermore, to equate homosexuality with being a protected racial minority is stupid beyond all belief. Do you not understand that it took Black folks damn near 400 years to gain their civil rights? Do you honestly think that your journey will be any quicker? Don't you want to be able to purchase Astroglide at corner stores?

Look, to say that your gender preference is completely beyond your control implies that there is something wrong with what you desire. I was born with the ability to do two things, cry and relieve myself. Do you really think that we were brought into this world knowing or feeling what we wanted to find attractive? Hell no, we couldn't even open our eyes. Before you get started on that physical attraction thing, shut up, you know that the first thing you notice about someone is the way they look. Well, unless you are Stevie Wonder and look how he dresses these days.

Instead, eshew these tactics and turn toward the "Two Dogs Guide to Getting Your Civil Rights". You argument has to be cloaked in only one premise, that adults have the right to do in their bedrooms what they deem fit. Embrace the idea that y'all chose this lifestyle because it is what YOU WANT. As adults, you are free to do anything you chose in the privacy of your own home, or Hell, in the privacy of the bathhouses that are privately owned by like-minded individuals. Keep in mind that I have stated these are things for adults to decide, children have no reason to be humping, they're kids.

Please Pat/Lamar, you must back away from the abyss of stupidity of your arguments. This is a free country and there is never a need for legislation regarding adult sexual stuff. All types of adult pleasures should be allowed. And ADULT means that you are of age to determine your own destiny without interference from people of lesser intelligence.

Now, I gotta run to confession to save my soul from Hell.