Friday, March 03, 2006

The Katrina Tapes

Okay, so I have entered the fray. Living in Mississippi since Katrina has been trying on one's patience and today is no exception. Get a frigging grip people, Hurricane Katrina DID NOT hit New Orleans. The damage done to New Orleans was done by failure of completed Corps of Engineers projects. The failures could have been caused by a myriad of problems, but the one that seems the most glaring is the cronyism that surrounds the Levee Commissions. Check it, I have not the time nor the patience to deal with relaying these FACTS.

Bush's Katrina tapes DO NOT prove that he knew that there would be breeches to the completed levees. Quite the opposite. The tapes talk about the storm surges topping the levees. The Associated Press is deliberately skewing the words on these tapes. Not that they normally do that regarding our President.

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Now on to FEMA. FEMA is not a first responder. That is left up to the locals. FEMA has a forty-eight hour window before they even move toward the problem. There has been so much misinformation regarding FEMA that there is nothing but confusion surrounding the events. Remember this, situations like the hurricanes cause BAD legislation to be perpetrated on the populace. Government is notorious for incompetance. If you count on government to do everything for you, you are a monumental failure. Check your personal constitution, it is probably lacking and baby, that is your own damn fault.

Now, quit your damn lying and bellyaching, and quit pissing me off. I have enough to worry about without hearing a bunch of whining "progressives" talking about the problems in New Orleans being President Bush's fault. In the words of the immortal Dean Swift, "Grow a pair".