Thursday, May 11, 2006

Uh, Okay, Yea, Right

A good friend of mine e-mailed me a link to THIS ARTICLE. Before you read this, just know that it is written by one of the least informed people that resides in this country. No, Gomer, it isn't Cindy Sheehan or Al Gore, but damn close. Also, this guy's language skills rarely reach the level of Michael Moore's so tie part of your brain behind your back. Go read this "F-Bomb" laden screed and come back. I'll hang out here while you're gone.

How was that? Did you ever see such disgusting filth? Hey, boy, you kiss your Ma with that mouth? Now, let's see exactly how wrong Stupid McDigusting Writer is. Never mind the point about sounding like an idiot if you have to use the F-Word EVER to make your point.

The Fisk

The Wetbrain starts his post with the superb wrongness about the Civil War being about slavery. I guess that I couldn't expect any more, this whole article is just so wrong, but is there really any educated person left that can still argue this slavery point? Gosh, he probably thinks that the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves. Check it, if you dare. Just a little reminder, there was slavery in every state in the Union. And those Enlightened Northeast Liberals didn't ratify the Thirteenth Amendment any quicker than the South. My post on the Thirteenth HERE. And it's true, much unlike this guy's crap.

Now, on to the Founding Fathers. Uh, where did George Washington live? Thomas Jefferson? James Madison? HERE's a link to the Constitutional Convention. Notice anything funny about it? Yea, the South was well represented. And the Big Three were all from the South. WB's head firmly in his ass? You betcha.

Assault Weapons? In the glove compartment? Geez, you gotta be kidding me. At the time of this country's founding, a damn musket would have been outlawed by this dipstick. And we in the South don't wear gloves because we are not some little Nancy-boy, hot-tea drinking Leslies. And our monuments actually mean something to us. You probably can't even identify ten percent of what y'all proclaim to be monuments. By the way, how's that World Trade Center Memorial coming? Did y'all get enough input from the Muslims? If this had happened in Atlanta or Dallas, construction would have already started on the tallest buildings in the world in the shape of a middle finger. Y'all couldn't organize a one man rock fight. Which brings to mind that Boston tunnel thing that is eating up MY tax dollars.

Ooooo, y'all aren't going to let us visit our country's monuments? How about we just take the overwhelming majority of our country's fighting men and women and bring the monuments to an area of the United States that has some appreciation for them. Yep, we have over 75% of the military. And remember that the next time you want to try to play "Army" with the people that have one. I'm guessing you would be sitting in the Confederate States of America right now if that was the case barely one hundred forty years ago. Y'all have fallen fast, baby.

Statehood list HERE, in case you don't know anything about this country. Please note that only five of the fifty have less than a hundred years of statehood, but who's counting? Oh, yeah, I remember now.

As far as taxes go, let's just say that you do pay more than your fair share of your income taxes as we all do, but just remember that the VAST majority of what you pay are state, county, and local taxes. Let's thank Newark for sending all their tax money down here. What do you mean that they don't? Oh, well that's just not right. If you start dividing up the FEDERAL taxes paid from areas and given to areas, you will realize that your calculations are incorrect if you discount the military. Oh, and what about charitible contributions? Yep, the South opts to pay more than the rest of the country combined. And did you know that Mississippi, always one of the poorest states, GIVES (as opposed to having confiscated) more per capita than every other state?

And you remember that taxes per capita are not applicable in this debate. You should try a percentile of salary then you could see the rate of taxes and where they head. We don't make as much money as the Northeast or the West because we don't have to. You see, we don't believe in all that rent control stuff that forces out all the poor folks or worse still, forces them to sleep on the sidewalk.

Not to put too fine a point on this crap about the Tennessee Valley Authority, but that was one of the "Screw Deal" programs that started this country toward Socialism. That was from FDR, dude. Remember him? That was that President guy from New York. And if you really are bucking for a fight, I know a boy from Neshoba County that will gladly Spam can your little bigoted head.

Now for the topic of marriage versus divorce rates. You're kinda right on this topic. But, here's a funny thing about it, all fifty states are within two percentage points of each other excluding Nevada. Weird, but I guess that is because you only take into account the MARRIED people. You folks in those great states up East don't get married that much because it's against the law. "Hey! Meet my two Daddies!"

About the Ten Commandments in public buildings, if you would take a good look at the Constitution and Amendments, you will be hard pressed to find where this country has decided to tell Alabama what to do in the buildings paid for by Alabamians. I think that if you drove down here and opened that weed-smelling, man-kissing piehole of yours, you might find quite a few folks down here that would help you keep it shut. Permanently.

On to the murder question. Let's not just restrict this debate to murder, but let's include violent crime instead. Violent crimes are murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. And what do we find? Yep, there is relatively no difference in the crime rates. Oh, except for D.C. which is overwhelmingly BLUE. Proof HERE. And what about that property crime rate? Both are on the rise in the Northeast, but oddly enough, they are plummeting in the South.

And to drive home MY point, check out THIS voting map up close. If you wish to tell your folks how to live up there or out there, we in the South will gladly take the ones unwilling to live the way you dictate. And can you just guess where ALL of the crime is? Just look where the BLUE is and you'll get the picture.

My Award Winning fisking of another letter HERE.

Why do Liberals hate people that don't share their distorted worldview? Because everyone hates what they don't understand and Liberals don't understand intelligence.