Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Final Katrina Post Dammit!!

I refuse to let my peeps start to squabble over this, so this will be my final word on this topic. I have never said that Hurricane Katrina was not devasting, what I have said is that I am tired of people that keep saying that New Orleans was devastated by the hurricane.

HERE I have linked the Wikipedia article on Katrina. Read the whole damn thing and decipher the Left-Wing bent and even they can't say that New Orleans was hurt that badly. This article also calls Katrina the "deadliest" hurricane in United States history. Keep in mind that is not true (it was third).

Also, I have continuously said that New Orleans experienced eighty mile per hour wind. That is a casual day at the damn golf course for most of us, but somehow it destroys a major city? Hinky.

The explanation of the hurricane Saffir-Simpson Scale HERE for those of you who have no idea what the Hell a hurricane is.

On to my lastest, mostest, finalest point. Those morons, such as Kayne West, that think that only Black folks were hurt by the hurricane better buckle up. It seems that Kayne is chock full of stupid, dumbass, racist (did I already say "dumbass?") ideas. As if that was not apparent enough to anyone that is not a mouth-breather.

Read THIS and see how stupid Kanye actually is.

(Hat-tip: Right Thinking Girl)