Monday, September 11, 2006

A Memorial Cluebat Post

Today I have been reflecting on the events of that fateful day and reading some of the 2996 posts (Link: HERE) honoring each individual that lost their life that day. And then it suddenly dawns on me what we (at least me, anyway) are looking at here. The terrorists' actions are the same thing that we have been dealing with since the beginning of time.

What the Hell? Hold on and I'll make my case.

The Muslim people that are killing everyone that they can get their hands on are no different from all of the people that have been oppressive forever. These are not people that want to mind their own business, they are people that want to force freedom loving individuals to do as they do or die.

The parallels between Muslims and Communists are too easy to tackle, let's stretch for it, baby. These folks are the same as the people that are militant gays, militant feminists, militant race-lords, and militant environmentalists. Damn, this is just so simple to me to understand now that the words simply won't stop.

Cups on!

Most sheeple can recognize the parallels between Muslims and the folks that were behind the Holocaust because they literally practice the same things, but can you see the similarities between Muslims and the Black Panthers? Let's take a trip through some history here.

The Panthers were founded by ordinary street thugs. Namely Huey Newton, cocaine addict-murderer and Eldridge Cleaver, serial rapist. Sure there were others, like Elaine Brown, murderer, but Huey and Eldridge were the baddest mo fo's on the block. These guys were rapists, murderers, and thieves. Sure, they have their disciples, mostly Jewish Radicals, but the majority of those folks were low-life street criminals and losers. Same with Muslim terrorists.

The Muslims responsible for attacking innocent people do no more than perpetrate drive-by shootings on a larger scale. Instead of rolling up on innocent police officers and gunning them down like the Panthers, the Muslims roll up on innocent women and children enjoying a pizza or fly planes into buildings hoping to kill 50,000 people trying to make a living.

Muslims are not unlike the militant gay population in San Francisco that cost thousand of men their lives during the early eighties. You didn't know about that? Oh, you thought that Ronald Reagan killed all the men from the bath houses and sex clubs? No, I would blame the folks in the city health department that refused to publicize the known fact that AIDS was sexually transmitted because they were afraid of the backlash of the gay population. And that includes Dianne Feinstein who was the mayor at the time. I would say that she is personally responsible for at least half of the deaths from AIDS in California.

Muslims are the same as the militant feminists that preach to the masses that no woman is worth anything unless she has an abortion or leaves her kids at daycare so she can have a fulfilling career outside of the home. Never mind the fact that Muslims do not allow their women to do anything other than get raped by the men and then stone her to death for HER crimes.

These folks are the same as the environmentalists that blow up research labs because they are manufacturing chemicals or using animals to come up with cures for cancer or other deadly diseases. Damn, don't want to benefit mankind at the expense of the snail darter or spotted owl, huh?

I have begun to adopt the opinion that Islam is not a religion as practiced by these folks, it is a governmental system. These "people" are not practicing anything that is beneficial to anyone other than those would worship death. It is the same tired old philosophy that is still prevalent in our country today. Teddy Kennedy immediately comes to mind.

All I'm saying is this; let other folks enjoy what little time they have on this planet and you try to enjoy yours. If your enjoyment comes from making others miserable, then you are probably one of the above groups of people or a Clinton.