Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Two Dogs Beatdown

While commuting to work this morning, the local sports radio talent was talking about Rush Limbaugh making fun of Marty McFly. It's very, very easy to make fun of a three foot tall fifty year old man, but not because of his Parkinson's Disease. Michael J. Fox is having a rough go at life right now, but Fox is dreadfully wrong in his comments trying to get MORE government spending for embryonic stem cell research. All we need now is someone to suggest more spending on breast cancer research, AIDS research, or maybe condom research.

HERE's my take on the issue from May of 2005. Damn, I am so far ahead of my time it's unreal. Oh, and I do not listen to Rush anymore, not since about 1995. He isn't funny to me anymore and there are too many commercials. Just saying. Not to mention, he hates Black people, or so I've heard from Black people that have never listened to his program, Bean.

Dammit, read the article that I linked above, Gomer. The BLUE or ORANGE one......