Friday, October 06, 2006

United 93

I have finally dropped out of the top four hundred on TTLB Ecosystem and I promised myself that once that milestone occurred I would return to blogging in earnest. So here's my first post after the fall from grace.

I watched United 93 this past weekend at Bean's place. She refused to watch it. I wish that I had. It took me a whole week to calm down to the point where I was not typing profanity every two words. Well, I still am, but I edit them out as I go along. Remember, this is a family-friendly blog. Hell, some of my friend's mothers read this junk!

HERE's the Wikipedia article on Flight 93. It shows the crash site and other things. And it makes me want to become violent.

On to the movie review.

IT WAS THE FAULT OF OUR MILITARY THAT INNOCENT PEOPLE WERE KILLED!?!?!?! Shocked me, but I thought some of those kissy face Muslims did this. I am so stupid. This is from the movie's end explanantion, so when the movie is over, DO NOT watch the blurbs. You will lose your lunch and want to cuss. More than usual.

Anyhoo, I stayed entertained through out the whole flick. It was mainly because of the raging homosexual terrorists, though. Ross, Chandler, Joey, and another guy from the coffee shop highjacked Flight 93. It was weird the way they just kept looking at each other and the sexual tension was oozing, I do mean oozing, from their pores. Think beach volleyball and you will get the entire gist of these guys. This movie made Brokeback Mountain look like Top Gun! Alright, that is not a very good analogy, but you get my point.

I was glad that the movie didn't make the heroes that saved the target of Flight 93 look like complete crybabies. Granted, the film makers did everything in their power to show that these innocent folks were scared silly, but for the most part, they did show their heroics. That beating a terrorist's head in with a fire extinguisher almost made me jump for joy. Man, I hope that really happened and if it didn't, can we go down to Gitmo and reenact that part, P-L-E-A-S-E?

The terrorists appeared just like terrorists should, like a bunch of panty-wearing booty-boys. No wonder Muslim men do not put on uniforms and try to fight like real men, they are too busy trying to keep everyone from knowing that they simply do not like women. But, then again, neither did Mohammed. I digress.

This movie made me remember all too well, the emotions that I had on that September morning. Not that I had forgotten, but this picked the scab off. I think that the timing was right for me to be reminded and I hope that you watch this before the elections roll around this year. It might make for an interesting outcome.

Oh, and before a bunch of folks start e-mailing me that Islam is the "Religion of Peace," find an article or two about some such Imam condemning the attacks and send me the link. That way, you might not look so stupid in your defenses of said religion.

And MORE from the "Religion of Peace!"