Thursday, November 16, 2006

Travelocity, You Smoke Rope!

By now, everyone that is not a mouth-breather has heard the Travelocity "Roamin' Gnome" commercials. Am I the only person in this country that thinks that these commercials are as funny as watching a handicapped child? Geez, this is a ham-fisted attempt at humor. Does Jay Leno write this material? Please find the advertizing firm that created this ridiculously stupid crap and slaughter every last one of the people that worked on this project.

Boycott Travelocity for being the most seriously not-funny company in the entire world. And I am going to write letters to ESPN radio to attempt to convince them to drop Travelocity as a sponsor.

Travelocity, y'all suck on the John Kerry/Michael Moore scale.