Saturday, December 02, 2006

Must You be a Moron to be on Sports Talk?

Last night on my drunken way to the crib, I was listening to Sports Talk radio as I usually do. Oh, and laughing about Bean's run-in with the alcohol, that ended badly. The argument presented was on how Florida (the damn Gators) couldn't actually have a shot at a National Championship because they played teams like Central Florida, Southern Mississippi, and West Carolina.

The guys laughed and said that anyone that had a direction in their name was not considered a quality team. (ie "Central, Southern, and West")

These morons were actually making the case for the University of "Southern" California against Florida for the BSC bid. Dillweeds, every last one of them, and they couldn't even glimpse the stupidity of their argument.

Dammit, I hate people.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. IF you do have a direction in your name, you blow. UCLA did not get a quality win yesterday when they beat the number 2 ranked University of SOUTHERN California. The BCS is screwed. And so is Florida.