Friday, December 08, 2006

Two Dogs Breaks Down the Bowls

Well, we are only a couple of weeks away from the beginning of the bowl season and you know that I want to talk about these games. I am not a sportscaster by any stretch of the imagination because I have a least one brain cell left, so I will do the honors of letting them know what teams do not belong here.

I'm going to run through the games that are funny because everyone knows that it is easier to get into a bowl than to not. You didn't know that? Yes, there are thirty-two (32) bowl games and only one hundred nineteen (119) teams.

Let's skip the first nine games on the list, I think you would agree that there is no reason for these games at all. TCU vs. NIU? Nasty. Go Horned Frogs! Beat those Huskies!

Damn, I got all the way down to the Alamo Bowl before I even had a thought about any of these games. People are saying that Michigan got screwed? Let's pretend that we are the 9-3 Longhorns. We know that we are going to a bowl game, but who the Hell do we play? 6-6 Iowa who finished 8th in the Big 10. Really that isn't so bad because there are eleven teams in the Big 10. Check it. Oh, wait, no that's damn bad. If I were the AD at Texas, I would refuse to play.

Allstate Sugar. Yep, you know she is. Whadda Ho!

Now, for the things that totally confuse the crap out of me about the bowl schedule. Why is the International Bowl, played in Toronto, Canada, with two teams that no one cares about, played after the Sugar and Rose Bowls? I bet there are not 200 folks in the stands and ALL of them will be wearing uniforms. Same goes for the GMAC Bowl, but GO GOLDEN EAGLES! They forgot that they are not a quality team because they have a direction in their name.

And finally, the National Championship. If the University of Florida does not win this game, the SEC will not get another shot for at least ten more years. All I hope is that Florida doesn't need any field goals because their kicking game blows.