Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Damn New Year!

The last month has been really busy and I haven't had much posting time. Now that I have caught up on just about everything, I plan to recommit myself to publishing this little blog. You see, I have started receiving death threats because of my lack of posting. Damned if you do and certainly damned if you don't.

Anyhoo, to catch you up on things in my world, Bean proposed to me over the Christmas holiday and regrettably I said yes. I know that the whole world over there are single women throwing themselves from bridge abutments now, but I do not feel responsible. Hell, I was tired of trying to please the entire female population of the damn world. I pass the torch to gnutcase. Have at it, boy!

Now that I am going to have a new Democrat Senate listing to go after, I have decided to resume my "Those Great Damn Democrats!" series. I know that y'all are all excited.

And also, being the proud parent of a kid that might be able to graduate high school and attend college, I am going to start breaking down his choices for you to let you know what I see as a humongous problem looming in our future. Let's start with YALE.

Uh oh.

And rwdflynavy, thanks for all the props and traffic.