Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Rant!

Man, if I hear or see one more person talk about the fact that there are two BLACK Head Coaches in the Super Bowl this year I am going to flip out. Hell, I might as well get it out of the way now.

Did it ever occur to these jabber-jawing morons that the color of the coach's skin doesn't matter? It has something to do with winning the most games throughout the year and winning again in the playoffs. Do the coaches want to be reduced to just being Black or would they like to be recognized for their damn coaching skills? If you keep this crap up, I'm going to start to believe this is another one of those give the Oscar to the Black person kinda thing. "We had to give it to Denzel and Halle, they were b*l*a*c*k." Y'all had to fix the contest because everyone knows that Black coaches are inferior to White coaches.

I absolutely hate sportscasters and their minions.

Another thing. I had the severe misfortune to be stuck in front of a television this morning and was subjected to The Early Show on one of the alphabet channels. I have never seen such horendous crap ever in my entire damn life. It was like a trainwreck and I couldn't look away. Then came Rachel Ray. I would rather have my head pierced with a meat hook than have to ever listen to her blackbird-hitting-a-windowpane voice ever again.

I absolutely hate whoever came up the idea for these two programs.

*spoken in a whisper, you know.