Friday, January 26, 2007

Uh, Tancredo Said What?

The things that people do never cease to amaze me. Okay, so I'm not so amazed here. It seems that the Colorado Republican Tom Tancredo wants to abolish the racist groups in Congress. No more should we have the Congressional Black Caucus or the Hispanic Caucus, says Tancredo. This obviously said right after he made his announcement for the Presidency. Hey, let's all vote for Tom because he is the legitimate candidate for moron of the year.

Uh, Tom did you ever consider that the political damage of being overly candid might come back to bite you in the ass? You know, it probably would have been better for your campaign to just come out and say that you were having sex with underage kids of white supremacists. Get out of the race now, you can only hurt the Republicans. Actually, I think that you should resign and crawl out in the desert and live by yourself.

Granted, the groups that you targeted should be abolished simply because they are racist. In a similar vein, the homosexuals, women, and tobacco chewers caucuses should be abolished, too. I do understand the way things work in Washington, it is best to partner with like-minded folks, but dammit, boy.

Folks, understand that we do live in a politically correct time right now. Maybe at some point in the future, that will not be the case, but for now it is. Learn to play the damn game with the rules in effect right now or be plowed under by the folks that understand and live by the rules.

Read the article linked above. It makes a statement about someone being denied membership to the BLACK Caucus because he was white. Duh.

FROM THE ARTICLE: The political Web site, which first reported the issue, quoted Rep. William Clay, Jr., D-Mo., as saying the black membership in his group is "an unwritten rule."

If you call the club THE CONGRESSIONIAL BLACK CAUCUS then I'm guessing that the "unwritten rule" is in the damn name of the damn club, you moron.

All people get off of my planet, right damn now.

UPDATE: Tancredo is so damn stupid that he or one of his minions actually left a link to sign the petition to ask him to run for President in the OLD damn comments section. Geez, is that not telling?

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