Monday, March 19, 2007

American Idol Blows

Okay, I admit that I have never watched that idiotic show, but I did see this clip and now I promise that I will not see that new Beyonce flick either, whatever it's called. There goes the booty viewing, Bean. It seems that the no-talent hack in the video above won some kind of award for the movie, too. I'm guessing "the least likely person to ever be on television more than once." Yea, boy was I wrong.

And furthermore, I am going to beat Hell out of Quentin Tarantino if I ever see him. Never have I ever seen a bigger ass-kisser (in more ways than one) since that guy Toriano. "Hudson takes on Houston and wins!" What an absolute moron. I think that he must have stolen the scripts for everything that he ever did. I did throw up in my mouth on that.

Anyhoo, Jennifer Hudson is a big ol' fat no-talent cow. I bet she weighs more than Ray Lewis. Just saying.

(Hat-Tip: Tyler Durden)

By the way, I had to make a new label for this. None of the others would suffice.