Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Okay, Let Me Be Honest Here

What is all the stupid flap about the firing of a few government attorneys? I know that these folks have to make a living and obviously they are of lesser intelligence because they are GOVERNMENT attorneys. There's probably not a big demand for these folks in the private sector either so they are not going to be working in the legal field anymore unless cleaning restrooms at the courthouse qualifies.

You do understand that the VAST majority of people go to work for the government for those wonderful benefits, huh? The benefit of being a US Attorney is that you work solely at the discretion of the President. If Bush came in and saw someone wearing an ugly tie, he can fire them because he wants to.

If Bush hires Alberto Gonzales to be his Attorney General and he was confirmed by those geniuses in the Congress, he basically says, "Big Al, you make sure these people are following OUR policies."

The Fired: Bud Cummins-Bush appointee, Carol Chien-Hua Lam-Bush appointee, David Iglesias-Bush appointee, John McKay-Bush appointee, Daniel G. Bogden-Bush appointee, Paul K. Charlton-Bush appointee, Kevin V. Ryan-Bush appointee, and Margaret M. Chiara-Bush appointee. Odd, not a damn Clinton appointee in the bunch. Hmmmm. Something is amiss here.

Now, why are these folks the ONLY DAMN GOOD folks that Bush has appointed in his tenure as the HNIC? Something is up with this crapola regarding these firings.

Let me opine. The Bush Administration has uncovered the fact that these fired attorneys are all involved in illegal stuff (taking bribes from the Democrat base, ie criminals, morons, socialists, dope dealers, etc.) and they immediately canned their asses. The news media wants these people to stay employed with the Justice Department so they can point to the corruption next year during the election. Those media types are simply so damn transparent.

And before you get your thong all bunched up, yes, I know you are a government lawyer, but I wasn't talking about you. Just all those others that make your job so hard.