Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WTW - Breakfast of Champions!

In an attempt to lose a couple of lb's and lower that pesky cholesterol level below 750, I have begun to eat smaller portions and lighter fare. However, in honor of WTW, I have consumed minimally six pounds of steak fingers, a sixteen ounce cup of brown gravy, four slices of buttered hamburger bun, three whole potatoes sliced into grease laden french "freedom" fries. To whet my appetite, I started the meal with a garden salad covered with real bacon bits and a good gallon of buttermilk ranch dressing. All of this good ol' homecookin' was provided by my good friends at Cherokee Inn in Jacktown. The thing that makes this food so damn good is that they have never changed the lard since the restaurant first opened back in the Fifties.

I think that I might die happy now.