Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Edward Gay Robinson - February 13, 1919 – April 3, 2007

We lost a great one last night folks. Coach Eddie Robinson died at age eighty-eight. Every sports fan should know something about this guy, but of course, I will give you the real skinny.

This man possessed the traits that every good person desires. After graduating from Leland College in Baker, Louisiana in 1941, he went to work as Louisiana Negro Normal and Industrial Institute as a football coach. The school changed its name in 1946 to Grambling State University. Little did he know, but he would become the FIRST college football coach to reach 400 wins. (Shut up Bama fan.)

A little tidbit here. In his first season as coach, his team finished 3-5. The very next year, they went undefeated. All of this happened while Eddie had no assistant coaches, no trainers, no equipment people, and no budget for equipment.

Now, the rest of the tale. In Coach Robinson's tenure as head coach, his record was 408-165-15, he sent over 200 players to the NFL, three went to the Hall, coached a future Super Bowl MVP, and won nine Black college championships.

Even while coaching, he went back to College to complete his Master's Degree from University of Iowa in 1954. 'Nuff said about that.

Futhermore, the Football Writers of America "Coach of the Year" award is named after Coach Robinson. I honestly can't say whether that is an honor or not, but let's just say it is. One thing IS for sure though. When the University names the stadium after you, it is definitely an honor.

Godspeed, Coach.