Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Thoughts on the Crazy Person in Viginia

Cho Seung-Hui was a bad dude. Lucinda Roy, the murderer's English prof, knew that and basically did nothing. She informed school officials about his deranged writing and they did nothing.

Then we got this: By midafternoon Monday, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence lamented that easy access to powerful weapons was to blame and renewed its call for tougher gun control laws. (WTF!!!) On the other side, Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun-rights group that backed legislation to rescind Virginia Tech's gun ban, said, "We had gun control at the school, and we had 33 people killed. … Do we need to kill more before people realize gun control doesn't work?" For bad taste, that's hard to top. (Yahoo News)

Let's get to it. Killer shot a bunch of people. With a handgun. Probably two. One of the weapons had the serial numbers filed off. It is illegal to have guns on a campus. It is illegal for a non-citizen to buy a gun. It is illegal to kill people.

Just tell me now, you dumbasses that want to ban guns: How many laws do you want to make towards your goal before you actually look at F-A-C-T-S? Is there is a magic number of laws that criminals will not break?

Criminal 1: This murderous plot sounds wonderful. But, we actually break 37 laws in the process. I am just not comfortable with that. Let's try to modify this plan to kill a bunch of people somewhat.

Criminal 2: I got it! What if we just shoot people with a stolen handgun in places that the stolen handguns are actually illegal?

Criminal 1: Great idea! That way a bunch of dumbasses will let us off because we were not responsible for killing anyone because there was a gun there! Brilliant!

Not to be insensitive, but I listened to the interviews with the Va Tech Student Body President. I'm paraphrasing here:

SBPDA: We do not want to b-l-a-m-e anyone, we just want the healing to begin. That's why we are holding a candlelight vigil tomorrow night on the quad.

Uh, that's great there, Leslie. Don't you want to get a bunch of college students together to sing protest songs and smoke weed, too? Healing? Good Lord, what in Hell have we done to our kids when all they want to talk about is healing.

Here's the Two Dogs solution. And it is one that I have expressed since Luke Woodham gunned down people at my high school alma mater. Force every single teacher in every single classroom to carry a weapon.

Oooooooo, Moonbeam, you don't want to carry a gun? Okay, that is one of the prerequisites for being a teacher. I guess that you just need to get a degree in being a housewife instead.

Look, I have a damn kid and I wish that he would carry a weapon to school. I have absolutely no doubt that if some crazed lunatic came into his classroom and started forcing the students to line up against the wall, Little Dogs would bust a cap to protect people.

But, please instead of that, let's outlaw all handguns like Australia did a few years back. Maybe we can experience a rise of 600% in violent crimes just like they did.