Monday, May 28, 2007

Get Out Your Checkbook, Baby!

President Robert Mugabe of that bustling economy that is Zimbabwe, has decided to Nationalize all businesses in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is one of the biggest fans of the United States Democrat Party and has pledged to follow their theories straight to poverty.

From The London Sunday Telegraph: Under legislation approved by the Cabinet two weeks ago, all companies will be required to give up at least 51 percent of their shares for allocation to economically disadvantaged, "indigenous" Zimbabweans.

So far, Mugabe's policies have been producing the exact kind of economy that Leftists want here. More: The Zimbabwean economy has been in a freefall for years, and last month, the annual inflation rate reached a record 3,714 percent. (I'm thinking that Mugabe must have attended the Jimmy Carter School of Economics.)

Since enacting his stupendous, wonderful ideas, you would think that the "indigenous" folks would be raking in the jack, huh? I'm guessing that they are pretty much forced to eat whatever the United States delivers to them through the UN Oil for Palaces Programs.

And now, this bit: Mr. Mangwana (super-dooper moron) said he was not concerned that foreign companies might pull out.

Ain't that really cool? Mugabe is going to take the companies away from their rightful owners and place them with people aligned with him. The companies won't have to pull out at all, the producers that built the companies will though. When that happens, the companies simply won't produce anything and will fail financially.

When this happens, our Socialist Left will demand that we feed these people, even more than they do now. I am going on record right now with this: I REFUSE TO DONATE ANY PART OF MY LIFE AND PROPERTY TO THESE IDIOTS. IF YOU WANT MY MONEY FOR THAT, COME GET IT.

Altas Shrugs, anyone?