Monday, May 21, 2007

The View From My Journey (Guest Blogger)

This was an article written by a good friend of mine directly after the last campus shooting. Thanks, Lawdog......

The Winds of Change

Like most of you, I have sat in front of the television the past few days literally glued to the tragedy that once again has befallen our country. Another gunman. More victims. And like you, I hang my head and ask “why”?

Why in such a great country has this happened again? It is a question repeated far too often now, it seems. And it is always followed by more questions. Why are we having so many killings now? Why is this country of ours suffering so much?

But, my friends, it is not just us. It is the world that is suffering. From the sprawling campuses of our institutions of higher learning to the urban settings of Europe; from the war ravaged land of countries such as Darfur to struggling new governments in the Slavic region. To the poor mother in an African country holding a limp body that was once a child to a grieving father in Iraq, to the parents in an urban city with no money to pay for a funeral of a child killed innocently by gunfire from drug dealers, all are suffering.

The world has taken on a great restlessness and seems preoccupied with only greed and love…love of things that bring only temporary relief. Drugs, money, oil, the lifestyle of overpaid entertainers and athletes occupy our television screens and magazines.

And, it’s not just them. The religious zealots that want the world to believe the way they believe or else. They are determined to overpower and terrorize us into believing…something that is just not going to happen, if I know my history.

I’ve learned a few things on my journey of Life. I’ve learned that people will always try and impose their will on weaker people. In my profession, I see it almost everyday. It’s all about control and enslavement. I’ve learned to be tolerant and respectful of those who hold a different viewpoint than me, but to not give ground. For to give ground is to give over control to the other side. And that is what they want. Weakness is an opportunity for them.

However, I have learned compassion. Compassion for those who are truly misguided and when the errors of their ways are pointed out and they understand, they make amends. These are the ones that can be reached.

As to others, I have learned to keep an open mind and an open heart. And to pray…yes, pray. Pray that their hearts might be reached.

I read an interesting story one time about the power of prayer. In the story, it was related that the author, a priest, believed that the fall of communism and the Berlin Wall being torn down was all brought about through prayer; that for years, people had been asked to pray to the Virgin Mary and ask that she speak on behalf of humankind and ask for divine intervention. Did it work? Was God so moved that he intervened?

I don’t know the answer to that question. But, I do know this…

The Berlin Wall was torn down…and Communism fell.

Sometimes when I am truly beside myself, when I don’t think that I can handle anymore…when I feel as if my plate really is too full (and that happens a lot these days)…I’ve learned to simply give it over in prayer.

…and I do know this…my prayers are always answered.

My friends, these are hard times…trying times…times that test our love for our fellow man and woman.

But, it is our Savior’s last commandment…To love one another as He has loved us…sometimes that is all we can do…

Sometimes, that is enough…

Christ’s Peace,