Friday, July 13, 2007

A Captain Obvious Post

As one might imagine, I get a slew of e-mails daily from people that are vying to be the dumbest humans to live. Most call me out in the worst way and then ask to remain anonymous. Yes, I have everything necessary to track these folks to the end of the Earth, but I respect their privacy anyway. That is just the kind of sonoffabitch I am.

Anyhoo, to the point of this post. I was accused of being racist because I support a harsh enforcement of our nation's borders with Mexico and Canada. Even though I can't remember actually penning an article about that topic, I could have and the person correctly guessed my thoughts on the topic. However, they did not correctly guess the reasons that I have developed for wanting all illegal aliens quickly deported.

Let me put the illegal workers thang as simply as I can for this short bus-riding cretin. If we legalize all the "undocumented workers" currently in our country, then they immediately have to receive at least minimum wage by law. Then they are unemployed because our public school educated folks will work for that wage. Do you agree that we can't legalize these criminals and then not pay them the guaranteed minimum wage?

With all that said, we will then have about 12 million or more completely unemployable people that will be eligible for welfare. WTF? I simply cannot be the only person in this country with a brain, can I?

Your thoughts?