Sunday, July 08, 2007

I Can Read Despite Attending Public School....A Book Review

The oddest thing in the world has happened. This blog will not allow a title to be posted. So the title appears below.

I Can Read Despite Attending Public School.......A Book Review

Most of you are aware that I am possibly the most intelligent person in the world and today I am going to prove it. Well, maybe not, but I'm going to try.

On average I read about seventy books a year, not counting the re-reading of my favorites. I don't watch television that much and if I have a minute of free time, I usually try to find a minority to suppress (being a radical Conservative) or pick up a book. Anyhoo, the way that I purchase books is probably different from most people, because I only allow myself to purchase one popular book for every "Classic." So, in order to purchase Godless, I will re-read Huckleberry Finn, which I have already started, again. And, man, all the racism is just sickening, we should lynch Mark Twain. He's already dead? Let's dig him up and burn him, then.

On to the review. The thing about Ann Coulter that kills the brainless folks that screech about her "hatespeech" is the fact that she footnotes every damn thing. To the unwashed, that means that she has numerous sources for the facts that she points out and makes a little note at the point that she quotes her source. Enterprising readers can actually purchase the quoted text and then see for themselves where Ms. Coulter got her information. This little glitch in her writing makes her books hard to read for those people that believe in man-made global warming, vegetarianism, Darwinism, abortion for any reason, and eugenics. I translate: That makes Ann's books hard to understand to people that like to ignore facts, reason, and proven science. Oh, and she includes humor and that just sends the Left into orbit.

A quick sidenote on the quoted articles, it seems that since the publishing of Ann's book, the Left has come down on some of the people that Ann cites with the Atheist cudgel and the scietists have tried to retract what they stated. That is to be expected when you don't adhere to the Leftist dogma. Bad scientist!

This book takes a hard, albeit quick, look at the Democrat Party's base ideas and platforms and the fact that the only things that they promote are the things that are direct contradiction to the things we are taught in Sunday School. Hence, the title of the book.

Ann addresses pretty much all of the idiotic ideas that the Left has forced down our throats for years. Read this damn book now.