Friday, November 09, 2007

Well, Wrong You Are!

I subscribe to obviously the worst local paper in the world and occasionally read it online too because I am a glutton for punishment and bad writing. If you live in Jacktown, you too have to read the Clarion-Ledger if you want local news. It's a bad, bad dog-trainer of a newsrag. It could be because it is owned by Gannett or it could be because Ronnie Agnew is the HNIC there. Which? Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other. Yesterday, a front page story by none other than Jerry Mitchell (WHO? See photo.) once again stated that the racists that formed the States Rights Party (Dixiecrats) left that party to become Republicans. Well, obviously, Ol' Jer' doesn't read this blog or he would have known that is false.

Here's the lying liar's stupid article and maybe I'll throw in a little commentary: LINK.

GOP rolls; setback for 2-party system

Republicans rolled to victory Tuesday in what could signal the virtual end of the two-party system in statewide races, an expert said.
Yea, that's why the House is controlled by the Dems, dumbass.

"We're now a one-party state, just like we were a one-party state before," said David Sansing, professor emeritus of history at the University of Mississippi. "This is back to the future for us." He teaches your kids, be afraid. What part of this quote even makes the smallest amount of sense?

Late Tuesday night, Attorney General Jim Hood was the lone Democrat declared winner for a statewide office.

*****From the 1900s through World War II, Mississippi remained a one-party state, ruled by the all-white Democratic Party. After the 1948 Democratic National Convention endorsed civil rights planks, Southern Democrats became Dixiecrats, eventually bolting to the Republican Party.*****

In turn, as the national Democratic Party began to embrace equal rights for minorities and women in the 1960s, many African Americans switched their allegiances from the party of Lincoln to the party of Lyndon Johnson.
They fell for the lies from the Democrats, plus they were mostly uneducated.

"Formerly, the South was solid blue, and now it's solid red," Sansing said. "It's not going to be purple again." Oh, Good Lord! What is wrong with this dude? Oh, yeah, he's a college professor. Okay, it was Blue and now it's Red, but it will never be purple again? When was it purple according to your statement, it was blue, then red, never purple, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Of all the Southern states, Mississippi remains the most Republican, consistently giving the highest percentage to Republican candidates for president. In 1964, when few African Americans could vote, 87 percent of Mississippians voted for Republican candidate Barry Goldwater, who lost soundly to President Johnson.
Black men were allowed to vote since 1870, and Black women got the right at the same time as White women in 1920.

In 2001 in Mississippi, one Republican was among the eight statewide office holders. And people saw what a great job Captain Kirk did, so they voted for more Republicans, well except for the other homosexual Democrat governor, Ronnie Musgrove, that we had after Kirk. I see performance, then I vote for the performing party, that's called intelligence. As a sidenote, every single Democrat governor since Cliff Finch in the 1970's has been gay, but married and then divorced in office or shortly afterward.

Now, the only Democrat that may be left standing is Hood, as Republicans stampeded their opponents. If he isn't gay, too, I'll eat my underwear.

In one race too close to call, Republican Lester Spell, who switched parties, is leading in the agriculture commissioner's race.
Okay, Lester is a dumbass and NOT gay, but at least he was smart enough to jump from the burning, sinking ship that is the Democrats. Come to think of it, the Dems probably kicked him out because he didn't like the meatsicle.

It wasn't all good news, however, for Republicans. They were in danger Tuesday of losing control of the state Senate with several close races in the balance. And in the House, Gov. Haley Barbour's nemesis, Democratic Rep. Billy McCoy, said he has enough votes to remain speaker. Okay, you disproved your own damn article and made the headline irrelevant, sit down and shut up.

Some said it's too early for a funeral for the Democratic Party when it comes to statewide races. Do ya' think?

"Nothing is permanent in politics," said Joe Parker, professor of political science at the University of Southern Mississippi. Captain Obvious reports and teaches more of your kids!

After Goldwater's defeat in 1964, it appeared the Republican Party was gone forever, Parker said. After Democratic contender George McGovern lost to President Richard Nixon eight years later, it was the Democratic Party that appeared dead on arrival. *Yawn* WAIT! Uh, Mr. Political Science Professor, Nixon was elected as President in 1968, taking office in 1969. Let me use my fingers to count that up, mmmmm, that is four years, dude and he defeated Hubert Humphrey. I think that only idiot college professors thought that McGovern had a chance to beat Nixon. Nixon won 49 of the 50 states, Hoss. Oh, and D.C., but they are ALL morons there. It wasn't close.

"The vanquished party has an amazing ability to rise back from the dead," Parker said. "The winning party has a combination of hubris, arrogance and incompetence to screw it up."

In Mississippi, Democratic Party officials didn't know how to run a party because the Republican Party didn't begin to field its first candidates for governor until 1963, he said. In 1991, Kirk Fordice became the first Republican governor elected in the state since Reconstruction.

"The Democrats are in a mess," Parker said. "They haven't become a real party."
They are a pseudo party, kinda like your Aunt Myrtle's "birthday." Damn, that's boring.

But he believes these GOP inroads will prompt Democrats to rally, just as Republicans have done.

"Once you get your back to the wall, you figure out how to fight back," he said.

Wayne Dowdy, chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, said Democrats are indeed fighting back.
With an open palm, you know, slap fighting?

"Exit polls in the 2004 presidential election in Mississippi indicated voters 18 to 29 vote Democratic more than older folks," he said. "I do feel younger voters are the future of the Democratic Party."
Gotta bring in the stupid ones, because most young people that I meet want to keep their money, hence, Republicans. Just saying.

Jim Herring, chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, said plenty of signs show the Democrats are far from dead. In the Republican primary, a record 200,000 votes were tallied - but Democrats still had twice as many votes in their primary. "They are beginning to compete," he said. "They're putting money into legislative races."

Experts said the real danger facing Mississippi is the increasing trend for the parties to divide along racial lines.
RACE CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herring said the only way for the Republican Party to establish dominance in Mississippi is to "encourage conservative African Americans, who believe as we do on most of the issues, to go ahead and join us. They don't want to pay higher taxes any more than we do." Shocker! Even the Republicans quoted in this article say stupid things. Blacks don't just want to throw their money into taxes and crappy government? Those racists!

More than a half century ago, political scientist V.O. Key remarked all political issues in Mississippi came back to race. This sentence was just sitting there on my desk and I had to use it.

As proof that adage still applies, Parker pointed to the 2003 loss by the more experienced Democratic candidate Gary Anderson, an African American, to Republican challenger Tate Reeves in the state treasurer's race. On Tuesday, Anderson lost to Republican Mike Chaney in the state insurance commissioner's race. You think that it's because he's Black? You, sir, are an idiot.

"Race was a factor during Reconstruction, after Reconstruction and it's been a factor since," said Leslie Burl McLemore, political science professor at Jackson State University. Leslie is also a member of the Jackson City Council, the dumbest body of politicians in the friggin' world. Jackson politics bring out the stupid in most folks, but it is fun to watch, y'all.

Dowdy said he looks forward to the day "when race is not a factor or consideration." Then quit being a racist, Wayne, and vote for someone on their qualifications.

Since he successfully ran for Congress in 1981, he said he's heard people refer to the Republican Party as the "white party" and the Democratic Party as the "black party." I have never heard this, never. The Mayor of Tchula is a Black woman, Wayne. And Republican.

"But I am not discouraged," Dowdy said. "Things have a way of going in cycles. What is up today is down tomorrow. I think the Democratic Party will be more competitive in years to come than it has been in the last eight to 10 years."

Asked Tuesday night if it's possible for a Democratic newcomer to win in a statewide election, former Democratic Gov. Ray Mabus said, "It certainly ought to be. I think this shows that the politics of race works."
Our homosexual ex-Governor and Bill Clinton's Ambassador to India or some other hole-in-the-wall country, thanks for sharing. Oh, and not that there's anything wrong with that other than he left his wife and she had to sue him to get child support. I wanted him to get the death penalty, but that's because I am intolerant and hate gay people. Except for gay men. I wish ALL men other than me were gay. Ask Bean, I could handle the populating of the world just fine by myself and all of the children would look awesome and be geniuses.

Okay, Jerry lies. Here's the truth about what happened to the Dixiecrats. One always hears that the Democrats splintered way back in 1948 into two factions. The Democrats nominated Harry Truman and the States Rights Party (Dixiecrats) nominated a little known guy named Strom Thurmond. The Dixiecrats carried four states and garnered less than three percent of the popular vote. The four states were Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina. Every single person involved in the States Rights Party maintained their Democrat affiliation after the States Rights Party fell apart, EVERY SINGLE ONE. Strom Thrumond went on to switch parties in 1964 to the Republicans, as did Jesse Helms and John Oliver Emmerich before that, but the remaining forty-eight stayed with the Democrats until death or are still Democrats.

Let's do the math, here. Out of fifty-one (51) people that were involved with the States Rights Party, forty-eight (48) remained Democrats after the party disbanded or until their death. (hopefully by an excrutiating means) How in the mortal Hell can anyone think that means that the overt racists switched parties when ninty-four (94%) percent of those involved with the real racist party stayed in the real racist party? Well, because they have a vested interest in keeping the Black man down, Holmes.

'Nuff said?