Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Christmahanukwanza from Mississippi State University

As usual, my alma mater, which I lovingly refer to as "We Suck," has sent me a Happy Holidays card along with another LINK where they attempt to beg for funds for their university.

We obviously know that computer programming, or any type of computer majors at all for that matter, are so far removed from their curriculum that they still program in Flash on what is obviously a Unix system. Honestly, I have no idea how to program at all, but I do know that the sites that they send these links to remind me of an old guy in a black waistcoat with that black cloth thrown over his head, madly pinwheeling the handle on the side of his moving picture camera.

Also, judging by the text mish-mash on the pages, they really have no clue how to maybe format some of these things where they are not ridiculous looking. I mean, a Jackson State grad could do better than this crap. For that matter, even an Alabama grad could and they can't even get someone to play there that could win a Heisman Trophy with Paul "Bear" Bryant coaching, damn. How bad do they have to suck for that?

*CLICK the image to get it in your face!*

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