Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Do Believe I Was Very Clear.

Uh, remember when I said last week that we were through talking about illegal CRIMINAL aliens in this country? Cynthia Tucker did not get the memo and she decided that she would pen the dumbest article that I think she has ever written. And that is saying an awful lot. I simply must post this here, she does not post anywhere that allows a hotlink, which is probably best. Remember, Cynthia is the Editor of the Op-Ed page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and she embarrasses morons by being so stupid. Below is HER article with HER title and as usual, it is simply so far from cogent thought that I think she should be committed before she hurts herself or her family.

I sometimes get her mixed up with Cynthia McKinney, but I will certainly try not to insult Cynthia McKinney like that again. And yes, I always thought that McKinney set the standard for being an imbecile, but I am w-r-o-n-g. Let's dive right in. (I am going to highlight every time that even she admits they are criminals. And criminals need to be in jail or if they are here ILLEGALLY, they need to be deported. THAT IS THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Define:Illegal-forbidden by law or statute.

12/22/2007 NO ROOM IN AMERICA'S INN FOR IMMIGRANTS HERE ILLEGALLY <-(Do you see that? She thinks that we would WELCOME criminals.)
by: Cynthia Tucker

The politics of the Grand Old Party's ultraconservative (yep) religionists produce the oddest cognitive (How would she know? There is nothing going on in her head. Nothing.) dissonance. This campaign season has illuminated the jarring contrast between the public piety of conservative Christians -- a significant faction in the Republican Party -- and their intense anger toward illegal immigrants. (We actually kinda don't like criminals, just saying. Why can she not understand that they are criminals?)

That hostility is all the more jarring at Christmastime, when Christians around the world commemorate the birth of Christ. You'd think that the season would bring forth an outpouring of compassion, mercy and generosity. After all, the Bible, which conservative Christians hold out as the inerrant word of God, includes several admonitions to practice kindness toward "strangers." (Illegal Aliens are NOT "strangers" and the Bible gives us LAWS to follow and teaches us to steer clear of bad people, ie CRIMINALS!)

But kindness doesn't seem to be much in the minds of Bible-thumping (<-Where does that term come from? It's so stupid.) conservatives. Sadie Fields, head of the Georgia Christian Alliance, has long criticized public benefits such as health care for the children of illegal immigrants. (Well, DAMN! That's smart!) "We're against illegal immigrants because we must uphold the rule of law," she has said. "We are a nation of law. Our biblical worldview mandates that we be a people of law." (And Sadie is NOT a moron, so she doesn't share Ms.Tucker's idiotic opinions.)

According to polls, immigration is a much more important issue among Republican voters than among Democrats. That's especially true in early voting states such as Iowa and South Carolina, where sizable pockets of illegal immigrants have settled only in the last decade or so. (The issue is NOT immigration, you moron, it's criminal behavior! And Republicans kinda want criminals off the street instead of in the voting booth like Democrats!)

The intensity of the resentment has come as a surprise to Mike Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister. (And Left-Wing Big-Government Taxer-Guy) As an abortion-detesting, evolution-denying homophobe, Huckabee is fast winning the devotion of his party's Christianists, who seem to confuse the office of president with that of preacher or priest. But Huckabee has one glaring flaw in an otherwise perfect doctrinal suite (He's a moron?): He has shown compassion toward illegal immigrants. (Damn. Cynthia thinks that Huckster is a Conservative. See how stupid she is?)

As governor of Arkansas (He raised taxes 47%?), Huckabee supported legislation that would have made undocumented college students eligible for college scholarships and in-state tuition prices. (Well, that is just assinine!) Besides the imminent practicality of the proposition (WTF?)-- Arkansas, like its Southern neighbors, needs more college graduates -- Huckabee says he wouldn't "hold children responsible for something their parents did," crossing the border illegally. (She is a college graduate. What does that tell you?)

For that modest bit of pragmatism, Huckabee is being hammered by Mitt Romney, who wants his Iowa lead back. Though he was relatively moderate (He's Far-Left!) on immigration as governor of Massachusetts, he now presents himself in an ad as the leader who bravely "stood up and vetoed in-state tuition for illegal aliens, opposed driver's licenses for illegals." (Even though Romney has never been moderate on anything, he is a Leftist from Massachusetts, he SWORE to uphold the LAW at his inauguration. That means NOT spending Tax Dollars to send criminals to school or give them State Identification. THEY ARE CRIMINALS! Is that too damn hard to understand? Well, obviously for Cynthia.)

Polls notwithstanding, Huckabee's position seems more biblically correct. (To a moron or a Leftist.) "We welcome the stranger because the savior himself was not welcomed in mainstream society," said Robert Parham, executive director of the Baptist Center for Ethics. "The whole teaching of 'no room at the inn' was about someone poor and marginalized and pushed off to a stable." (Illegal criminal aliens are not "strangers" or a poor someone. That is like calling a murdering canibal a "meat-eater." A stranger is someone that moves into your neighborhood that you don't know. A stranger is someone that you pass on the street. But they have to be here LEGALLY to be a stranger, otherwise, they are a CRIMINAL.)

For Republicans less comfortable with mixing the Bible and ballots, there are worldly reasons to be wary of the deep-seated resentment of illegal immigrants among a significant GOP constituency. As President Bush has warned, Republicans risk permanent minority status if they alienate Latinos, the fastest-growing and largest ethnic group, accounting for about 15 percent of the population. (Illegal criminal aliens CANNOT vote. True enough, Democrats want them to be able to, but it is again ILLEGAL for an ILLEGAL alien to vote. That makes them NOT a constituent, because they are CRIMINALS here ILLEGALLY.)

Indeed, a recent poll by the Pew Hispanic Center shows the last several months of shrill nativism have already proved costly. About 57 percent of registered Hispanic voters now lean toward the Democratic Party, while only 23 percent lean toward the GOP -- a gap of 34 percentage points, the poll showed. Just a year ago, the gap was just 21 percentage points. (This really could be because of morons like Tucker that continually carp about ILLEGAL aliens not getting free healthcare and education with our LEGAL citizens tax money, if it is even true.)

Still, the steady drumbeat of anti-immigrant demagoguery continues on the Republican campaign trail, even as the candidates try to hype their biblical bona fides. It's a strange spectacle in a season ostensibly dedicated to peace on Earth and goodwill toward all humankind. (This has absolutely NOTHING to do with immigration. It has to do with CRIMINAL behavior.)

I told you. This woman is a danger to everyone in this country. We should kick HER out.