Friday, December 21, 2007

Islam is Death!

The thing that I consistently wonder every time I read about one of these Splodeydopes killing a bunch of innocent people is, "What kind of Demon-Spawn Religion is it that causes people to do THIS?" (Image and link from the NY Times)

This religion is evil beyond all imagination, folks, it must be eradicated from the face of our planet or everyone else will be. The sooner someone in power has the backbone to stand up and say so, the better off this world will be. We sat on our hands so long, afraid to speak up from the fear of sounding judgmental and look where we are, we have allowed the Muslims to become more and more powerful. This has to stop. Now. Political correctness can kiss my ass. Religion of Peace? Shut the Hell up. There is one synonym for Islam and it is death; for everyone. Choose your side now. If you were not born Muslim, convert or make a stand against them.

I will say this. I absolutely KNOW that there must be good people that were born Muslim in this world. There has to be. Islam could not have lasted as long as it has if there were no good people that were forced into the religion, they would all be dead from their own actions. Please do understand that I also know that the good people that were forced to be Muslim are far, far outnumbered by the violent murdering psychos that are Muslim. If I had to guess, the ratio is 1,000,000 to 1, maybe even 10,000,000 to 1.

This murdering of innocent people in the name of Islam must be stopped by the only means that they understand, KILLING. Nuke Mecca, now. Round up every single Muslim that does not assimilate into normal human behavior, which means not killing someone that does not believe the stupid shit you believe. Torture the shit out of the bad guys. I mean make a damn example out of a million Muslims by having pigs roll all over them, dogs hump them, and women urinate on them. Any one of those ridiculously stupid tenets upon which Islam is founded.

The number one issue by which I am culling Presidential candidates is if they are FOR wiping Islam off the face of the Earth and running roughshod through the Middle East and whereever these evil people are lurking, taking over countries that are based on Islamic Law. This bombing was perpetrated in a crowded mosque as an attempt to kill one man that is running for a seat in Parliament. Forty-eight dead and over one hundred wounded. Why would someone be so adamantly opposed to one stupid politician? Because he wants to do away with Islamic rule in Pakistan. Oh, no, not do away with the religion, just minimize its stranglehold on the country's government and bring Pakistan kicking and screaming into at least the Eighth Century. Oh, you know, like having maybe a candle or a slate. Maybe even teach them how to friggin' read, so they can get a damn job other than killing women and children.

Understand that this bombing occurred on one of the biggest "Holy" days on the Islamic calendar. The Times keeps trying to point to Al Qaeda and the Taliban, but dammit, it doesn't matter what the Hell they call their group, the all have one damn thing in common. They are friggin' Muslim. Get rid of them.