Monday, December 31, 2007

Let's Have a Philosophy Quiz

As y'all know, I subscribe to the Clarion-Ledger, Jacktown's local rag, one of Gannett's birdcage liners. Why? Only because I love, love, love throwing away money. There has been a little crapfest going on about partys at the Police Academy by Deputy Chief Tyrone Lewis' son. These parties were actually FOR PROFIT, too. HERE's the link and I have copied the text verbatim. Your task is to decide whether or not Sheriff McMillan handled this right, make up your mind BEFORE reading my comments at the bottom of this post and then decide if your opinion was right or not based on your reading my opinion. Remember that I have a bunch of experience using my melon in the imaginative way, you try it this once. And be honest with yourself, please. No, I am not making fun of your thinking capabilities, I am just saying that most people are going to be wrong on this one.

JPD deputy chief demoted after investigation into parties at training facility

Former Jackson Police Deputy Chief Tyrone Lewis has been demoted after an internal-affairs investigation into private, for-profit parties thrown at the police Training Academy by his son.

Chief Malcolm McMillin announced today that Lewis has been demoted and removed as head of the Training Academy.

"Chief Lewis has been reduced to sergeant and transferred to planning and research," McMillin said.

Lewis apparently had allowed his son, Terrell Lewis, a college student, to throw dance parties for high school and college students at the academy, which is public property.

McMillin, who is also Hinds County sheriff, said Deputy Chief Lindsey Horton will be the interim replacement for Lewis to oversee training.

Horton, a 22-year veteran, has overseen training for JPD on two previous occasions.

McMillin said the staff changes are effective today.

Tyrone Lewis was not immediately available for comment.

Think.....then read my opinion below.

The Clarion-Ledger has been on a rant ever since this story broke. And I always take the opposite side of any argument that they have. It makes my job so much easier since I know that everyone that works for the paper is a dumbass. Today is no different.

Sheriff McMillan should be fired as JPD Chief. He doesn't possess long term critical thinking skills and his actions on this matter prove that he has not given it one minute of thought. Let's delve into this a bit.

One of the ways that you can reduce crime is by getting the public to give good information to the police, like tips and stuff, and the way to do that is to develop trust between the police and the public. What better way to do that than have the young people develop social ties to the police? Parties are a great idea.

Do you think that there are any of these kids drinking and smoking weed at these parties? They are held at the damn academy with police all around. There is very little fear of them doing anything really stupid there, either. So they all manage to survive a teenage party, that is good.

So you have a problem with the profit? I think that profit is a very good idea, because then the people that have these parties are more apt to watch things even more closely to keep that profit as high as humanly possible.

Now, what did you think?