Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quickly Now

Okay, if you are voting for Kucinich, Gravel, or Dodd, you are a moron. Quit e-mailing me. *See note at bottom*

We have discussed Gravel, HERE.

I will probably never even post on Dodd. He is too stupid for a post, he makes Cynthia Tucker look like the research scientist that discovered the cure for DEATH.

There is no need to give post time to Kucinich when all I have to do is link the Wikipedia article written by his fluffers. Find one thing that he supports that is addressed in our Constitution. Find one thing that he opposes that is not specifically granted by our Constitution. Find one reference to a damn job that he has ever had other than getting voted one of the WORST ten Mayors in history or any of the other government postitions that he has had. Dammit, Cleveland, do you make every single male turn in his sack, like George Voinovich?

Ev, will you run up there and teach these fairies how to be men? Bunch of sissies.

THIS is written by Kucinich's VOTER BASE. 'Nuff?

The Leftists are eating their live young as usual. Turd-Tapper, git it? HERE. It pains me to defend Hillary because she is such sleaze, but to attack a woman on her looks is childish, even if she IS as ugly as Maureen Dowd. Hell, I swerved off the reservation, sorry. ONLY HOT CHICKS FOR PRESIDENT!

(Hat-Tip: gnutcase, my oldest surviving friend)

NOTE: Really, there is no way that I could get drunk enough to lower my IQ enough where we could actually communicate. Maybe you could get a brain transplant from a lemur or something. At least then you would have enough sense to feed yourself. Quit it already, I know that you can't comment, it's fruitless, loser. Just so you normal people know, Dumbass sent me a link to one of "his" articles about two years ago. Me being the polite SUCKER with manners that I am, went to the site and it had a backdoor that loaded Alexa on my old Micron Super-Spy GX-Plus. I had to format my drive to get rid of it at the time. Now, my firewall is stronger than a Trojan - Ribbed for her pleasure and I can't even go to a lot of sites because F-Secure will not let me. *No porn for you!* Dammit, I ruined this post, but cannot stop myself.