Monday, December 17, 2007

Recreate '68

Well, what do we have HERE? Our good friend Skunkfeathers pointed me to this website from a "Progressive" group that plans on doing something during the DNC in Denver next year. Exactly what they plan to do is completely impossible to decipher. But, let's try, okay?

Since their little play group's name is "Recreate '68," I am going to assume that they want something to happen again that happened in 1968. You know, maybe they want something that happened in 1868 or 1768, who the Hell knows with these nuts? Let me look at the Halloween site again, be right back.

Nope, I actually could be wrong that "68" refers to a year. No where on their site does it say "1968" or have any reference to what in mortal Hell "68" even means. Let's assume that it means 1968, that is always a good time to remember.

Historically in 1968:
1. Johnny Cash records "Folsom Prison" (off to a good start)
2. Eartha Kitt tells LBJ to get us out of Vietnam (He replies, "Shut up and sing, N*****." By the way, that represents the N-Word, LBJ was a notorious racist and there are numerous White House tapes that PROVE that.)
3. Arte Johnson and Ruth Buzzi unleashed on an innocent and unsuspecting populace. (They were on Laugh-In, Bean. It was a really bad "comedy" show.)
4. Tet Offensive begins and the US promptly kicks the shit out of the Vietcong. It was reported as a victory for the Vietcong by the media in our country. (Dan Rather's days are numbered in journalism for being a lying sack of shit. 13,505 to be exact.)
5. The 747 makes its maiden flight. (Islamic terrorists begin planning for 2001 hijacking.)
6. LBJ beats Eugene McCarthy in the primary of the racist party and 19 days later says that he will not run for President because N****** can vote.
7. Carl Brashear becomes the baddest Mo-fo on Earth giving Cuba Gooding Jr. another role to play in movies. (Just so you know, I liked the movie, so you can too.)
8. The Panthers killed a bunch of folks in the first episodes of drive-by shootings. (John Singleton born as a result and we got Boyz in Da Hood.)
9. LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968 that forced Blacks to live in ghettos not unlike the Jews in Warsaw BEFORE 1968.
10.French students get high on the hippie lettuce and almost overthrow the government of France and they would have succeeded if France's government could have figured out who they needed to surrender to. Much tee-teeing ensued by guys named Jacque and Pierre. However, French flouncing continued at a rate higher than normal.
11.James Earl Ray arrested for murder of MLK Jr. and promptly spends thirty (30) years in jail instead of riding the jolting bronco. (LBJ livid that Ray actually went to jail for killing a N*****.)
12."One Life to Live" premieres on ABC.
13.Blacks shoot up Cleveland. (Boy, some things never change.)
14.MOH awarded to Marine James Anderson Jr. (First Black to receive MOH, LBJ livid.)
15.Swaziland became independent. (WHO?)
16.Students riot in Mexico City. (We still don't know what the Hell that was about.)
17.Jackie Whateverhernamewas marries Aristotle Onassis. (World amazed that Aristotle is still alive. He was born in 384 BC.)
18.Richard Nixon defeats George Wallace and some other guy (Hubert Humphrey) in the Presidential election. (LBJ livid, damn he loved Wallace!)
19.Japan's biggest robbery, the 300 million yen robbery, occurs. ($2.56 USD)
20.The Bengals football dynasty is founded.

21-1,000,000. Cuba Gooding Jr. is born!!!!!!!

As can plainly be established, this Recreate '68 group is either very much Pro-Nixon or they absolutely love, love, love Cuba Gooding Jr. Either way, it's the same thing. The meeting place has been changed from the Porto-Let on the corner of Halas and Landry, please make a note of the change.

Guest speaker will be Ward Churchill, he ain't got nothing better to do except try to be an Indian.

White Power!

UPDATE: I finally found the mission HERE and it is 1968 that they want to emulate. And they even reference the French Tee-Tee Rebellion, too! They fail to realize that Denverinianists are not French though. But, for the next 100 people that sign up, you will receive a Fat-Head poster of Che Guevara and one of those Castro hats! Power to the elite Oppressors!