Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Change? How?

This is Hillary boarding her campaign bus which has a sign on it that reads, "Countdown to Change." What change could possibly happen with the election of Hillary other than stuff that is bad? There cannot be one human in this country that can actually believe that Hillary as President is a good idea. Well, except for the suicidal people.

What have we become if there is a glimpse of a chance for this person to lead this country?

As a nation, we have abandoned the concept of change except for making things worse and proof is definitely evident. The Federal Government has NEVER gotten smaller in the history of this country. There is not one candidate to point to that has the record of actually being the catalyst of change unless you mean to make the unconstitutional programs larger still.

Does electing Obama or Clinton usher in a period of change? Of course, for one damn day, then it's back to business as usual, the only change being the election of a Black man or a woman.

I am forever amazed at the fact that these career politicians (that have ALWAYS been involved in politics and NEVER anything else) would even try to say the word "Change." Hillary is to change as Tom Cruise is to straight.

This is my plan: I am not voting for a single incumbent this year, none. I do not care who wins any election. True, I will hate writing that check for 70% of my income for the year, but I can handle it. Negative reinforcement works.