Monday, January 21, 2008

Define: Irony

This is the main Op-ed from my local tee-tee pad. This opinion, of course, quotes the "don't concentrate on color, but character" line from Dr. King's often misinterpreted speech. Quotes it just like every single article, radio show, crap-sandwich eating contest announcer, etal. Then goes directly into an opinion article about race. WTF? Link HERE.

My comment on their site: What about quoting Dr. King's "No color" message and immediately following it with a sentence about Barry Obama's color? Is that IRONY or stupidity? Is there an editor at the Clarion-Ledger at all? Who proof-read this? Wait, which idiot wrote it?

The whole damn opinion piece was about RACE!!!!!!!

Alright, let's get a grip here. If you don't see color, I do not want you wiring my house. You know damn well that you see color and you know damn well that a bunch of your friends aren't Black, liar.

By the way, Mississippi celebrates Robert E. Lee's birthday today instead of the King holiday.

Please take the time to comment, Whitey.