Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Final Site Update

It appears that I have finally got everything loaded the way that I want it. The page loads fast for me and I think that I have all the features running right. If you are one of the three folks that read this blog and are experiencing problems, please let me know because I love you and don't want to lose your patronage.

Notice the fly-out menu over that little bookmark tag at the bottom of each post? No? Place your cursor over it and then you will see it. That will allow you to bookmark or submit a single page. If you want to bookmark this site, try the links under "Special Stuff" on the sidebar. The big silver button that reads "link to this site" only works in the new version of blogger, of which there are only seven people using in the whole damn world. It's basically useless, but it's there.

The last thing that I shall do on this blog for least another year is try to figure out how to do drop downs on my blogroll and Labels sidebars. That is simply too unsightly, but I use them all the time.

Finally, please take the time to comment, it makes it all worthwhile to bloggers.


RaeJane said...

made you look.