Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Admit When I Am Wrong

I take back everything that I said about Hawaii not really needing to be in a BCS Bowl Game against a team from a real conference. I WAS SO WRONG. They proved me wrong by actually scoring 3 whole points before the fourth quarter started. UGA took their starters out when the score was 41-3.

And damn, they made at least two more first downs than Georgia. What the Hell is up with Georgia thinking that they should be in the Sugar Bowl against Hawaii?

And the fact that when I last looked the Rainbow Warriors had actually amassed a grand total of NEGATIVE five yards rushing with only six turnovers with five minutes left in the fourth quarter. And that Colt Brennan had NEGATIVE 38 of those yards! Thank goodness they don't run a "system" offense.

Colt Brennan for HEISMAN!!!!!!

If you are keeping score, the SEC is 6-2 against other conferences. The losses coming from last year's Champion, Florida and the coachless Razorhogs.

UPDATE: The answer to the first down question is this: It's hard to make a lot of first downs when you never get tackled and gain forty yards on every play. Hawaii also had a longer possession time, too.