Saturday, January 26, 2008

Philosophy - Simplified

This is the way that I see things. You are free to behave/believe in any manner that you decide within the established framework of the law, granted it's kind of hard to keep up with laws and all the constant change. However, another little thing stands in the way of everyone doing as they please other than that. You are not alone on this planet.

Your philosophy ends at the tip of your nose when in public. We do not all share the same ideas at all and that is a damn good thing. Who wants to live in a place where everyone agrees with everything that you say and do? Boring.

(A side note: I wholeheartedly disagree with Fred Phelps and his hateful ideas, but he is free to express them and I will go to the mat trying everything in my power to allow him that freedom. That doesn't mean that I will not also do everything in my power to make sure everyone knows that he is a fruit-loop and to discredit his ideas.)

Maybe I was a little harsh with Topher. Do you not think that he requested that behavior from me? He sent me an e-mail to tell me that I was a murderer. True, he did try to soften that blow by throwing out the concern about my health before accusing me of murder.

I reacted the way that I always do. With harsh criticism of everything that I knew about Topher. The idiotic name, the self-righteous attitude, the unbridled closed-mindedness. Did I attack him personally? Hell no, I have no clue who he is.

You see, if Topher would have kept his opinion to himself, I would have never known he existed, but that was not good enough for him. He had to tell me his ideas, so I returned the favor by sharing mine. I think that my ideas possess all of the subtlety of a flaming mace sometimes, but so is the nature of the beast.

This is MY blog. Contained within are my ideas. I want all kinds of people to read it and voice their opinions about my opinions. That is why I blog, for the feedback. Dialogue with people that hold different opinions from me is enjoyable. True, I like when people agree with me as well, but so much more is learned when there is dissent, do you think?

No, Skunkfeathers, I do not want you to just start disagreeing all the damn time just to have fun.

Now, let's try to see what the dialogue could have been like had Topher changed his tactics:

Two, my name is Topher and I vehemently oppose the eating of meat because I hold the philosophy that to kill even animals is wrong. Even I am not stupid enough to think that it is actually healthy for humans, I base my entire eating philosophy on the only reason that makes sense to me. Please rethink your opinion.

Love ya, mean it,

My response in e-mail to him personally:

Thank you for voicing your opinion. I have high regards for someone that makes decisions based on their morality and has the intestinal fortitude to follow through with that. Please keep reading, I am sure that your contribution to the debate is needed.

Thanks again,

(Here I would actually sign my name, not Two Dogs)

See the difference? Yes, you can take the condescending, closed-minded tactics of the Left, but they do not work. Especially with anyone that practices rigid individuality and possesses any intelligence at all.

Please take the time to comment. All opinions are desired.


Herb said...

I wrote about Phelps when he came to our town a couple of years ago and agree with you. You generally do have interesting dialogue here, too.

Paul Mitchell said...

Herb, I trust you like the blogger comments, mo' better?

MUD hails from Reverend Phelps neck of the woods. He has to deal with them a bunch.

And yeah, Phelps gives Christians a bad name. Like we need any help with that in the press.

Herb said...

I wrote about Phelps when he came to our town a couple of years ago and agree with you. You generally do have interesting dialogue here, too.