Saturday, January 19, 2008

Requiring Voter Identification

There has been an awful lot of jawing on this topic in the past few years, but nothing ever changes, wonder why? Oh, I am going to tell you.

This is most definitely not a partisan issue, it's an issue of stupidity, on our part. If there is really widespread voter fraud, it is not affecting incumbancy, so they are really not worried about changing the rules. You see, when you elect someone from your home state to go to Washington DC to represent you, you have seen just about the last of that person. Sure, they come home to run for office again, but just as soon as the election is over, back to Satan's colon, they fly.

There is virtually little difference between the two parties except what they say when running for office. Once these elected officials are behind closed doors, protected from the public, they are all brethren and sisthren. Nothing is ever accomplished in DC except for the 535 Congressmen getting rich by redirecting your money to people that did not earn it. Yes, I am saying that every single one of those elected guys and gals are crooks. The thing is, you know this, but still refuse to do anything about it.

Point in case. Are you ever shocked when you hear about a Congressman getting busted for homosexual advances in a public restroom? If you say, "Yes." you are not being honest. You know that you are shocked when you DON'T hear about it.

You can pick your poison, turning your ire to whomever you choose, but anyone, and I mean anyone, that receives my money without providing a service to me is stealing the fruits of my labor. If that entity is providing a service that is defined in the Constitution as a legitimate function of the Federal Government, I guess that I can't have a problem with that, but if it is not defined, I have a big problem with it.

I work for my money, why shouldn't these other entities have to earn their money as well? I'll explain why they don't.

In this country, we have developed a system of government called a "Representative Republic." What this means is that since I have to work producing stuff to support my family, I hire another guy, that cannot produce anything, to go to Washington to make sure that my interests are kept in the minds of all the other people that cannot produce anything. Rather than having this guy/gal hanging around the local post office begging for money, we send him/her to DC. You ever think about why so many of our elected officials are lawyers? Weird.

Since we elect people that have proven that they offer no contribution to the economy other than stifling the creation of wealth, they have no idea what constitutes good business policy. Since these folks are morons and have no damn clue how money works, we cannot expect them to produce good legislation, yet we keep sending them back time and time again. Senator Robert Byrd is elected without taking one damn minute to return home to campaign, come on, he's a Klansman, what does that tell you?

Now, since we have proven beyond any doubt that we are not going to stop doing this, the rules have to be changed, NOW. When was the last time that you looked at your paycheck stub? It was probably a while back, because most companies are going to a paperless payroll. This means that to even further hide the deductions that they are taking, they stop giving you evidence weekly, monthly, however you get paid.

It's the same thing that they did back in the day with payroll taxes. Instead of having to sit down and write a check once a month, or quarter, payroll taxes allowed the government to take your money without you ever having to do anything at all other than earn money. I know people that have seven years of college and work professional positions that couldn't tell you how much their gross pay was to save their life. I like to call them, "idiots."

Okay, this post was supposed to be about voter id. There is no instance ever where someone doesn't have identification. I am sorry, it does not exist unless they are criminals, and not even then. Elderly, Black people are always the scapegoat when someone talks about voter id. They are issued identification for Social Security benefits. Do you mean to tell me that they aren't? Well, if they are receiving any assistance from my tax money, I DEMAND that they have to produce a form of identification to receive that assistance. To even attempt to say that they don't is ludicrous. The government is going to hand them money without any proof that they even need it? Insane.

I have no idea how much fraud is going to stiffled by requiring identification and I could not care less. There is only one reaosn to require it, because I need to make sure you are a legitimate voter. People lie more about political stuff than anything else on Earth.

When we get that passed, we will work on getting back to the point of requiring people to take a test to vote, because there should not be one single person voting that cannot tell you certain things about our governmental system.