Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two Whole Days

Sorry for the lack of posting here for the last minute or two, but I am crunching on a project right now and I am gearing up for the Blackuary celebration. Just two more full shopping days. Where does the time go?

Remember, that the month of Blackuary is the only time throughout the year that we can address any part of history that deals with the Black race. It's a shame, too, those Black people should probably, well maybe, be included in everything which every other race is included. Can anyone really tell me why we exclude Blacks from history except for one month? Strange.

One thing that I noticed in the paper today was that there are some folks that tie education spending with accomplishment of the school system. Oddly enough, it has cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of 4200 dollars every year for the past eight years to send my son to a private school. This was money out of pocket for me, I could not use a voucher to offset my millage to send him to the school of my choice. But, still it has been money well spent. Will he complete college? I have no idea, but his chances are very good.

Tale of the tape. The school Little Dogs currently attends has a collegiate graduation rate of nearly ninety-five (95%) percent, while the local public school has a rate of nearly forty-two (42%) percent. While I was spending the money that I did for his education, in the public school sytem they spent almost twice the amount that I did and received less than half the results. Strange that I can clearly see that money and quality of education do not correlate in this circumstance. At some point in the future, I shall publish my findings regarding public education and the need to remove government from that mix.

Anyway, this year, Blackuary 2008 is hosted by none other than Clubber Lang. Get your mind right because a mind is a terrible thing.

Poll: Do you prefer the Vegas Elvis or the skinny Elvis? And why the Hell would Lisa Marie try to do that Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole thing with her father? It is just brutal.

Please take the time to vote your Elvis preference. Do it for Blackuary.