Thursday, January 03, 2008

We Need a Coach!

I used to like watching Southern Methodist University back in the day when a little known running back named Eric Dickerson played there. They fell on hard times just after that. They received the only "Death Penalty" in football ever handed down by the NCAA and did not play from 1986-1988. They have one whole winning season since that time.

Well, they are trying to find a coach to return them to prominence and they are looking at none other than June Jones from Hawaii. Just know that we all can see what Hawaii is from watching that absolute pounding that they received when faced with a team that is NOT Juco playing pansies. But June Jones is awesome because he coached them to an undefeated regular season, right?

No, sweetheart, June Jones brings a new level of suck to football. Let's look at his career.

First job was grad assistant at Hawaii, on to the next. Two years as assistant at two USFL teams, then on to the Canadian Football Debacle for one year.

Then quarterbacks coach at Houston for the Oilers in 1987, then on to the Lions of Detroit.

Finally, June landed in Atlanta under Coach Glanville as assistant head coach in 1991. He replaced Glanville as head coach in 1994 and installed the "run and shoot" offense which gave us Jeff George and awesome suckage. They went to the playoffs that year and lost to Green Bay in the first round. The next year they went 3-13 and Jones was fired.

Then on to San Diego as quarterbacks coach. After Gilbride was fired as head coach, June moved up and won three of the next ten. Again, he was fired.

Now to Hawaii. His wife told him that he had to get out of football or get as far away from it as possible, so he took that job in Hawaii and she was satisfied. The team had lost its last eighteen games, but his very first full year, he led the Rainbow Warriors to a share of the WAC Championship, and the rest as we say is history.

Tidbit of info here: At Hawaii, Jones is 75-41, elsewhere he is a whopping .348 as head coach. Never was he involved with a team as assistant that had a winning record. That gives a new meaning to suck. June Jones is a terrible coach and always will be unless his teams play in the WAC. Of course, SMU plays in C-USA, but it is about one billion times better than the WAC.

Now, if I am running a football program, the first thing that I do is NOT hire someone that has coached every-damn-where and sucked at it, but ESPN has spent this entire college football season with their pants around their ankles and June Jones right behind them, so I guess SMU has actually listened. That means that everyone involved with athletics at SMU is stupid.

Do understand that if you want to build a successful football program, the place to look for good players in JAIL. That is where Jones found Colt Brennan, who proved how much he needed to be in that Heisman hunt.