Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blackuary 10 - 2008

On this day, Blackuary 10, in the year of 1989, Ron Brown is elected to the Chairmanship of the Democrat Party. While his parents cried from their utter failure as parents, Ron became the first Black man to ever lead a political party and jumped on the greased rail towards his death.

Other than the fact that he looked like Mr. Kotter from that television show, he never accomplished a single thing. Born in DC, Brown was raised in Harlem, he was twenty-two years old before he could read and write. He attended college at some no name school up East and joined Sigma Phi Epsilon, whatever the Hell that is. I think it's some Democrat hand party group. Anyhoo, when the heads of that weird named group found out that the guys had accepted a Black guy, they kicked all the local guys out of their national group.

Brown joined the Army in 1962 and served in South Korea and Germany. He served five years and then promptly went to work at the National Urban League. This group used to be called National League of Black Men and Women and is supposedly the oldest Civil Rights Organization in this country. Never heard of it. From rumors I've heard, they helped organize King's Washington march. Still never heard of it.

Brown resigned his post at the NUL in 1979 to go to work for the drunk from Massachusetts and was moonlighting for Jesse Jackson's campaign. He quit fighting the lunacy fermenting in his brain and embraced it completely.

After being Teddy's "Hey-Boy" for nearly ten years, Brown got the DNC gig. They say that he was instrumental in getting Bill Clinton elected, but I credit the fact that public education sucks and people are really dumb. Clinton bought Brown's silence on all Clinton's illegal activities by appointing Brown head of commerce in 1993, then the shit hit the fan.

On April 3, 1996, Brown and thirty-four other people were returning from a trade mission to Croatia. Trade with Croatia is a big, fat, hairy deal because they have all the companies that produce kiddie porn and that trade was vital for Clinton's constituency. Yes, Democrat elected officials follow closely behind public school teachers in leading the stats for child molestation. Check it, I dare you. Oddly enough, the plane crashed into a mountain, but the final Air Force investigation said that the cause was pilot error. Remember, Bill Clinton was CIC and Hillary was Co-President. And the news media never would investigate (their damn job) a damn thing that the Clintons did.

Brown was under investigation for corruption by an independent council appointed by the lesbian linebacker. He was only one of every single person involved with the Clinton White House to get investigated and found guilty (over 100 folks in the Clinton administration were found guilty of crimes), but he was the Black guy. He had to die. There are all kinds of theories about the Clintons having Brown killed, much like Vince Foster, but those theories simply do not intrigue me. It must be something far more sinister because there was also a New York Times bureau chief on the plane. There is no way in Hell the Clintons would have someone killed from the Times, the Times has backed them all the way with every single bit of illegal activity that the Clintons were involved in.

I think that Bill Clinton must have raped someone's wife and that someone thought that Hillary was on that plane, she was supposed to be.

And now, the Times endorses Barry over Hillary. Trust me, the people that run the Times know that Barry is a moron, so they are simply picking him because he is not a Clinton. Hmmmm, what thinks you?

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