Monday, February 25, 2008

Blackuary 25 - 2008 First Black Senator Seated

On this day, Blackuary 25, 1870, the first Black Senator was seated in the United States Capitol. To this day, Hiram Rhodes Revels is only one of five Blacks ever to serve as a Senator, three of whom were Republicans and two of those from Mississippi. Massachusetts had the other Republican and Illinois has elected two Democrats. And oddly enough, as has always been the case, Democrats fought his election and subsequent seating, tooth and nail.

Revels served one year in the Senate and was a madman at attempting to pass civil rights legislation against overwhelming odds facing him by the Democrats. Democrats, that I might add, to this very day, fight every single piece of legislation designed to rid our country of any type of racial discrimination.

Upon retirement from the Senate, Revels became President of what became Alcorn State University. He also taught philosophy.

NOTE: Carol Moseley Braun was the first Black Senator elected from Illinois, she was not stupid enough for Illinoisoners, so they found Barry Obama and he satisfied their longing for appearing to be the dumbest state in the country. They have succeeded in their endeavor.

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