Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blackuary 28 - 2008 We Are Through For Another Year

Yes, I know that Blackuary has twenty-nine (29) days this year, but if you recall, However in a bitter twist of irony, on Blackuary 29, every four years, we shall celebrate "Lily-White Cracker Day". On this holiday, slavery will again be legal for twenty-four hours and all Blacks will have to look away from white folks and be called "Toby." So, we have that going for us, well at least the White folks have that going for us.

Doing these racially charged posts for the past three years has been a very informative experience for me. I have learned all kind of things that have been misrepresented in the promotion of Black History. We embrace all kinds of really bad people, not for their accomplishments, but simply because they are Black and we do not want to celebrate achievement, we want to celebrate infamy. I have learned that pretty much every single "civil rights" group has its tentacles not in "race elevation," but socialism, fascism, or at the very WORST, a total denial of any individuality. We are attempting to create a horde of misinformed people that concentrate not on success of the Black individual, but forced equality of every member of the Black race.

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." This is so very important to remember when we attempt to grab a group of people and become determined to make them all accomplish the same thing. We can always do that, but it only brings the best performers back to the rest of the pack, no individual ever achieves his or her full potential with these tactics, they are always dragged down to the lowest of the low.

All that behind us, we can look forward to the methods of trying to teach all of our young people that they are special. Different skin colors are wonderful, but they mean nothing to what those children are able to accomplish in life, the only thing that matters is the amount of desire we instill in them at an early age. We all know a kid from the neighborhood that was always on the ball, he or she might have seemed a little weird, but they always performed well on anything that they attempted. They usually did IF allowed to move beyond the rest of their peers. Those kids had to be continually challenged to perform better and better. We have to do that with every kid and stop this coddling of them in fear of trampling their self-esteem. That self-esteem is never developed by a child that does not get pushed to accomplish. It is performance that builds the true esteem that kid needs. This much should be obvious.

Allowing our kids to think that it okay to fail is ridiculous. Why would we ever play baseball and not keep score? That in itself is the group-think mentality that has imprisoned and enslaved whole races and countries. Have we stooped that far? Personally, I think that we have and it scares me to death that we are raising a bunch of kids that wear helmets when they ride bicycles. Booster seats for any child under four feet eleven inches tall? That is three inches shorter than Bean! Stitches were always a character builder for me. Maybe y'all that think contrary to me are right, but it would not seem to be the case because our kids are becoming less healthy and more sensitive to words. They shoot each other for crying out loud!

We can always cuddle with Junior and tell him that he is special, but if we shield that child from failure, we shield that child from success as well, they never know what it is. They never know the extent of their ability, life is flat-lined for them. If we concentrate on that child as an individual and demand the excellence that is inside every last one of them, we give them the opportunity to achieve greatness and isn't that what we want? I know that I want to sit in the audience when my boy is receiving an honorarium. I do not want to give him better things, I want him to accomplish better things.

Honestly, I think that this is the most arrogant post that I have ever written. I do not care. We live in the greatest country on the planet and that includes CUBA, for you Michael Moore sheeple. Our children should be putting the beat down on other countries and maybe, if we make the effort to toughen our kids up a little, by the time they are grown, other countries will begin to look at us and want to be us. It still is that way for the most part, but the gap is closing, I do not want it to.

Life is hard, wear a cup. Especially tomorrow on Lily-White Cracker Day.

Say it!

By the way, hard is fun.