Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blackuary 7 - 2008

On this day, Blackuary 7, in the year of 2006, Coretta Scott King was laid to rest. I hope that you agree with me that her funeral was the center of stupidity in the world that day. I do not profess to know much about Mrs. King, but I know that she steered the Civil Rights movement so far from the reservation, that her husband had to be spinning in his grave.

First things first. The "reverend" Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church showed up at her funeral. Phelps is the lead idiot in the "hate on homos" show. The reason that he was there was that Mrs. King was a very strong supporter of GLBT rights. She likened being gay to being Black, in other words, she forgot that her husband was a Baptist minister and that homosexuality is a sin according the Baptist text book. A stupid point, but does that really warrant Phelps and his posse showing up to flaunt their stupidity? To compound matters, a violent Black lesbian group, "Feminist Outlawz," showed up to shout Phelps and his cretins down. Hilarity ensued. Can you even imagine what a "violent Black lesbian group" could be about and how they would act? I would literally cry from laughter just watching them, well maybe not at a funeral, but you know what I mean.

Secondly, Mrs. King was a vegan since 1995. She made the parallel that eating animals and their subsequent products was like prejudice against Blacks, likening it to her husband's non-violence beliefs. A stupid point, but it was her philosophy and obviously her mind was going since 1986, when she.....

...traveled to South Africa to meet with Winnie Mandela, the murdering leader of the African National Congress, the group founded by Nelson Mandela much in form like Dr. King's passivist civil rights movement with but one difference. It quickly dissolved into a terrorist outfit that concentrated on killing as many innocents and blowing up as many buildings as possible.

Not only had Mrs. King embraced all the kooks on the Left, she also eschewed medical practice after her strokes in 2005. She suffered from ovarian cancer and refused to have doctors examine her, went to Mexico to some nutcase holistic medical clinic that was not licensed to do any kind of medical work at all. Just days after her death at the facility, it was shut down by the lawdogs for all kinds of violations of the law.

Mrs. King was instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement in this country, there is no denying that fact. Dr. King would have never made the great strides that he did without the support and guidance of a good woman. The fact that the people around her ignored the warning signs of the decline in her mental faculties is tragic.

Rest assured, this article is not supporting anything that Mrs. King embraced later in life, GLBT rights, veganism, her crusade against capital punishment; she obviously broke under the strain and was led to slaughter by people that had their own best interests, not hers, at heart.

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