Friday, February 08, 2008

Blackuary 8 - 2008

On this day, Blackuary 8, in the year of 1965, the Slave Owners in the state of Delaware voted to reject the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. Those Southern slave owners simply could not do without the Black slaves that were bringing in the cotton. Oh, wait, Delaware didn't have plantations, so why did Delaware hate Black folks again?

Also, on this day, Blackuary 8, in the year 1915, Democrat film director, D.W. Griffith released his highly anticipated Democrat fund raising film, Sicko Birth of a Nation. This film was backed entirely by Democrats that founded United Artists, remember? You can read about how wonderful the film was HERE, with Wikipedia's glowing reviews and promotion of its historical significance. As usual, the left loves them some Black slaves and racist movies. Remember, Wikipedia is a current thing run and edited by the Left. The internet is not something that was produced before the Civil Rights Acts and Wikipedia is updated daily by its readers.

Also, on this day, Blackuary 8, in the year 1990, Andy Rooney was suspended from CBS's Sixty Minutes for racist remarks attributed to him by some gay magazine. I think that it was Rolling Stone or Spin.

Also, on this day, Blackuary 8, in the year 1993, not to be outdone by Rooney's stupidity, Dateline NBC started its process to completely discredit our national media. Completely fabricating evidence of exploding gas tanks on GMC pickups, they filmed their own detonations of said vehicles and aired them as news. This story was dreamed up after a young driver was killed in a truck fire and anti-auto fanatics led by Ralph Nader went ga-ga. GM sued and Dateline settled the very next day. The entire staff was fired and Jane Pauley read an on-air apology. She did not get fired and that set the precedent for Dan Rather to attempt a bold move to bring down a sitting President by fabricating news stories about him. Luckily Dan was shit-canned.

Sadly, Dateline has continued their wonderful reporting and has gotten caught numerous times fabricating news since this incident. And the sheeple still watch.

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