Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let the Soap Party Continue

There has been much said about THIS article. Please, may I pile on, too?

Those of you who actually follow baseball, and understand the sport, are well aware there exist things called "statistics." These mysterious things allow us to compare one thing to another and determine quantitatively and qualitatively which of the two are better. That said, I love the University of Pennsylvania.

Money shot: Using a complex statistical method, researchers concluded that Alex Rodriguez was one of the best shortstops in the game when he played for the Texas Rangers. That means that they actually studied his performance and determined (with math) that he is awesome.

Most baseball fans knew that and they also know that A-Rod is an infinitely better ball player than Derek Jeter. Statistics have proven this, time and time again, but Yankees fans refuse to recognize that FACT.

All that said, Jeter is a good ball player, he's just the worst at his position in Major League Baseball and that includes the Eckstein. Shit, that's bad.

More about Jeter HERE, and HERE.

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