Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Blabbering

In the last couple of days I have been carrying on a conversation with someone I bumped into at one of my daily reads. We have never met and I have never read anything of his, other than comments on blogs. I have no idea who he is or anything about him. I can only deduce what he believes by what he says in his comments. This post is for that guy, well and anyone else that cares to know more about me and what's going on in the humongous thing on my neck.

Blogging to me is simply like a conversation, it is not a battle. I am not going to stick a knife into someone because of something that I read on the damn internet that they have typed. Many times I have said that if I type something here and you do not understand it, simply ask me to explain. I know what I am thinking, it is kinda hard to tell you exactly what it is though. I am not accomplished as a writer, I am just a dude that is banging on the keyboard, not unlike the thousand monkeys. I typed this for you to read and find interesting. If you do not understand, I'm gonna guess that it ain't interesting to you. I want you to wake up daily and rush to the computer to see what I banged out while you were dreaming of me with two faces.

If I have something on this site that you don't believe, that is your perogative. I state facts when needed and opinions of mine all the damn time, that is the nature of blogging. If I hold a certain belief and you disagree, I would love to hear your opinion, we can still be friends, no one shares the same opinions, we are all different. We have become a nation of people that are defensive and intolerant. That ain't me. You can always say to me what you believe and I will respond in the only way that I know how, bluntly and with no games. Well, unless you and I are friends in actual physical life, then you know how I am. There are open comments on this blog for a reason, so you can voice what is on your mind and never have to say who you are. That is by design. Design that I determined, this is my blog, it belongs to me and I readily give you a forum on my blog to tell me that I am an idiot and that I suck or whatever. I am voicing my opinion and giving you the space to offer your rebuttal. Say what you like, the comment section is yours, I gave it to you. If I really like what you have to say, I will probably post it myself and give you credit, not everyone reads the comments.

That said, I know that there are plenty of opinions out there, mine is one and I choose to let it all hang out here. Yes, I believe the stuff that I type. No, I do not listen to Rush Limbaugh. I haven't listened to Rush since probably 1991 or 1992. There are too many damn commercials, but for the most part, I did find him funny. He is an entertainer, not unlike Al Franken, Michael Moore, Al Gore, George Carlin, and Jon Stewart. I do agree with some of the things that Rush used to talk about, but like I said, I haven't listened to him in over fifteen years, so I really have no clue what he talks about now. No friggin' clue. I put as much weight in Rush as I do what Jimmy Carter says, if that makes sense to you.

I want you to say what you think for my sake, there are many things that are bothering me right now and the people that read my stuff are the folks that I want to hear from. There is a reason that you read this crap and that reason is important to me. You are my friends and I like to hear from you.

Yes, I hold some strange philosophy in my melon. It runs contrary to most of what you have been taught to believe, but that is the nature of the beast. Call my opinions closed-minded if you will, but I did not arrive at anything that I believe with little thought or trial and error. My opinions have been formed by trial and error, trust me, many, many errors. I crunched the stuff in my head for years before I chose the path that I am on and it is most definitely a work in progress.

Now, open your damn piehole, you chickens.

Please take the time to comment from this point forward.