Thursday, March 06, 2008

American Gangster - A Movie Review

This movie was entertaining, but it was so jacked up, that I had major problems with trying not to like Frank Lucas, the character played by Denzel Washington. Please remember, this movie is BASED on a true story, it is not a TRUE story.

That said, Denzel again does a great job playing a bad guy. He'll win some kind of award for this movie. Rent this one.

Now, about Frank Lucas and his jail time. This guy was dealing heroin in a big-time way, was involved in many murders, and used our military transports to ship drugs from Southeast Asia. He received a seventy (70) year sentence of which he served FIVE friggin' years for his crimes. After being out of jail for three damn years, he got caught selling drugs again.

And he served another seven years and has been out of prison this time for seventeen years.

Can someone please tell me how a murdering drug dealer serves only five years of a seventy year sentence? Have we all gone mad? I say "Yes."

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