Friday, March 28, 2008

Barry is Young!

Barry Obama is so popular because he is so young, huh? Let's put his age into perspective in relationship to actual Presidents, shall we?

Disclaimer: I (born: July 9, 1964) am younger than Barry Obama (born: August 4, 1961) and not a fraction as stupid, so there. Yes, it can be mathematically proven that Barry possesses less than a 63 IQ. He is by definition, a retard. (Please do not take my description of Barry the wrong way, I just cannot come up with a better way to explain it. Maybe "Wet-Brain?" Naw, then I piss off the people that have drank themselves into stupidity and they are not nearly as stupid as Barry.)

IF Barry wins the Presidency in November, he will be forty-seven (47) years old when he takes office. So, that makes him the youngest President ever, right? NO.

Bill Clinton was younger, he was born on August 19, 1946 and took office in 1993. Okay, he was just days younger than Barry, but he was still younger.

So, Barry would be the second youngest, right? NO. Bill Clinton was the third youngest. Barry would be fourth, which by my accounts means nodda damn thing.

John F. Kennedy was the SECOND youngest President, so things ain't looking real good for those young guys. Three b-a-d Presidents, of course, counting Barry.

The youngest President to ever serve was a Republican that became President because of an assassination. And everyone loved him. Any guesses?

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benning said...

Theodore Roosevelt, of course. The man who hated "hyphenated Americans" with a passion and who was Progressive when it didn't mean destroying your country for ideological reasons.

Teddy, for you folks still in Government Schools. Heheheee!

Paul Mitchell said...

Congrats, benning, you win a year's supply of Barry Obama campaign songs!

(That would be less than ONE for anyone with a damn brain.)

Anonymous said...